Old look
Because I am messy I use a big oilcloth to cover the desk where I make my art. I’ve had this beautiful rose patterned one for several years, but it’s beyond saving at this point, full of acrylic paint splatters. Plus, since I bought a new table last year it is about 10 centimeters to short and doesn’t cover the entire table. Bleah!

So, out and about I bought two meters of new baby pink oilcloth patterned with big white polka dots! But instead of just using it as a table cloth, I took out my handy stapler and went to work to transform my desk!

Handy stapler

I cut the polka dot oilcloth just a little bigger than the table top. Then, starting at one long side, I stapled the edge to the underside of the table top. First one side, then the opposite by tugging the fabric a bit to make it fit without bubbles or wrinkles. Then each short side…

Fold in and press
…and lastly the corners. Folding them in like you do when wrapping a gift!

Corner from below
I put in a lot of staples! After two days my hand muscles still hurt, but it was worth it!

I’m glad I picked a simple, pale pattern that doesn’t disturb the eye. And I totally love how smooth and pretty this new work surface is. Makes me wonder why I didn’t do this years ago! It’s a quick fix that makes me happy, makes me table pretty and calms the entire (rather cluttered) room down. Lots of good from one move! Easy to wipe clean, easy to work on top of.

Finished table
And once it was in place, I noticed so many polka dots all around me! For example doesn’t it look nice with the polka dot boxes my brother gave me last year and the black and white polka dot deco tape…

I have two pieces oilcloth in the size of table maths left. I’m using one to protect the table surface where I mostly work. It makes me more comfortable when gluing or painting, but when I have a big paint day I’ll probably cover a bigger surface with brown paper, because it tends to be messy. :-)

New Scrap Inbox
I cleaned out the scrappy inbox and gave it a new look to by wrapping it in polka dot wrapping paper. It’s still my favorite source for finding collage materials and now it matches the table. Perfect!

A great revamping project to start of the year! What are you doing to prettify your space?