Furniture painting turquoise

It’s time for a new series on tis’ little blog, and it’s about my re-painted furniture and stuff in my new apartment! I could call it turquoise bliss because turquoise is my new favorite colour, but I’m calling it before & after, because I myself looove seeing how old stuff can become new with some simple changes. You know that features in many magazines with a before image and then one afterwards, when everything is re-modeled, styled and finished… This is my version of it:

Furniture painting turquoise
Before and after I painted my new living room table turquoise.

I got this IKEA glass table from my mom’s friend who was moving from a big house and clearing out her attic. She called and inquired about what I needed and I ended up picking up this big glass table before moving. I choose a colour chip in the shop, on a whim, but now I absolutely love it. In the NCS Colour Scale it’s called S 0530-B50G but I think Rachel Aschwell would call it sea-foam blue. It’s very shabby chic, don’t you think?

Furniture painting turquoise

I sanded the wood to make the paint stick better. I was outdoors doing this, in my parents garden, listening to music and trying not to let the paint make drip marks. I had to paint it 3 times, a slow process with all those angels but to me it’s so worth it.

Furniture painting turquoise

I love that I have a great steady table in the exact right colour without having to buy something new! There are so so many tables (and stools, chairs, shelves etc etc) that needs a good home, that someone else don’t “like” any more. Why buy something new if you don’t have to? Why increase the already massive consumption in the world?

Iced coffee at my turquoise table
I think this turquoise table is dreamy. Isn’t it lovely? Will you ever again be able to enjoy your own plain one? Or… hello? Are you already out buying a bucket of paint? :-)

I can’t believe this is my nook. My sweet home. I love this corner of my life, and often when I write blog posts I sit in the sofa with an iced coffee and the laptop on my knee, writing away. Of course the glass table seldom look reveal that it is made by glass, because it is covered with stuff… Right now there is my camera, a pile of magazines, paid bills, my cell phone, diary and random papers. And of course, my art journal:

On my table, pen
My journal and a whole slew of pens spread across the table. I love neat and tidy, I just can’t live like that!

I actually have a whole category on my blog that is called Home Comforts. It is about my love of do it yourself interiour design and re-making on the cheap. It’s been a while since I added to it but this is a start. I hope you’re inspired to do some IKEA-hacking at home too.

I think there will be more turquoise on this blog soon. Until then, take care!