MaterialsWhip up contest for August is Wardrobe surgery, and that is exactly what I wanted. Redo my whole wardrobe, it is so boring and just old t-shirts that I bought in 1996 or so.

But already (!) time is up and I had to take some lousy photos of my self in the skirt I just finished. I used a gray dress that I could never wear since it made me look pregnant (thrifted, never worn) and a piece of transparent gray fabric that a friend gave me (I think, I found it in my fabric filled wardrobe). So I sewed together a gray skirt that goes very well with my newly thrifted black shoes (30 sek):

What do you think? I kind of like it, only wish I could sew better. And take the time with patterns, to measure and plan… Na, just cut in and do it. Quick, and very crocked of course!
the gray skirt

I should get a pattern. I really should. Did you see Amy Butler has some free patterns?

And the net is filled with inspiration that makes me want to be able! I so want to sew bags and clothes – but it take lots of time and I don’t think I have the patients really. :-/

Remixing Inspiration:

  • Flobber Dewotsky children’s clothes. Lots of colour and fun – I want them all!
  • Alter shoes! Yes, I’m looking for the right pair. Amber’s are cool black ones!
  • The t-shirt trend seems to get bigger. Gayla Trail gives tip on t-shirt-reconstruction!
  • And I love Tricia Royal’s style so much, found her at her website Bits and bobbins and really enjoyed looking through her flickr set Wardrobe remix! I wish I had a cool set like that, and her clothes too! If I really put my mind to it, I could probably dress much cooler and more fun with the clothes I have… But all summer I’ve been wearing the same skirt and all fall I know I’ll jump into those same jeans. I’m to tired in the morning!
  • Tricia also has a flickr group that encourage you to take photos of funky outfits and post them to Wardrobe remix group!
  • Tricia is also in my new favorite magazine Adorn, that I mentioned once before. Now I’ve bought it and I like it a lot!
  • I also enjoy hel-looks with “normal” people walking the streets. So fun!
  • Another tutorial I’m wanting to use is this belt tutorial

It was really really not my intention (gah!) to find something else I could get interested in coz I only visited The Tie one on project to see what all the fuss was about and I was amazed. So much beauty. I’ve seen the links and read the oohs and aahs about aprons – but not thought much about it.

– I don’ wear aprons and I don’t need them… that is what I thought…

Until I visited Vintage aprons pattern pool at flickr. I want to make one! I want to move to the country side and bake my own bread!

Via Shabby Miss Jenn I found this apron and it’s sooo beautiful. I wish I could make something like that! I really need to print the Peasant Skirt Tutorial, jeans skirt tutorial or the most time consuming skirt

I saw a horrible picture of me to that I could post to the Remix pool… Me, in a worn out top with hearts, a skirt bought five or six years ago at H&M and smelly shoes specially made for me in Viet Nam. Yeah, sweet pink me. Total cost maybe 10 dollars.