Ask the owl - Frga ugglan
Here is another peek into my Art Journal.

I doubt that I will add anything much to this page, even though this is how it looked when I created the book. I really like this look as it is. I like how the terrace on the right is paired with the view of blue earth and ocean on the left. I love the green patterned scrapbook paper that I once spray painted with pink dots. And I love that felt owl puppet, maybe one of the reasons I am so found of owls? He used to tell me stories when I was a kid…

The owl image, found in a magazine, is from the long-running Dutch animation series, De Fabeltjeskrant, that I saw on TV as a child. Many, many times. It always starts with Mr. Owl reading a story from the Fabeltjeskrant (Dutch for “Fables newspaper”) where the scenes show various animals who live in a wood and has partially stereotypical, partially human-like interactions.

The series was made 19681992 and includes 1.640 episodes (!), each about 5 minutes long, telling a cautionary tale. It was dubbed to Swedish and I know it as Fablernas värld. Jakob the Owl ends each program with the words, Simma lugnt! which is something I often end my emails with. It translates to Swim calmly! and means to take it easy in the world.

Wanna watch and episiode, and listen to the awesome intro song? Okay.

An episode of Fablernas värld:

So, my fascination with owls started at an early age. :-)

I love posting these peeks into my art journal! I want to say a big thanks for all your lovely comments on yellow flower and my crusade post on believing. Thanks for your encouragment and support. It means a lot to me!