Summer Crush: Hello Kitty – my old friend

The summer journal that I made for myself is going strong. My ambition was to work in it every day, but so far I have been doing “a little something” every second or third day through the summer.

Hello Kitty Art Journaling for grown ups or thereabouts

In June I filled about the first signature with mostly doodles, collage bits that tell the story of flowers, sunshine, summer days and some journaling (very random). I am editing some videos (that will come out soon) of me working in it, but today, a quick peek!

All of it is very random, but that’s what I fall into most easily. Random is my game.

The Hello Kitty images aren’t new stickers even though I wish I could splurge on a few, these big yummy images are cut out from a Hello Kitty magazine that I found at a thrift shop last year. Who knew such wonderful things existed?

I bought a few and scanned some of the pages just to be able to cut into them. Hello Kitty and I go way back to our childhood, even though I only had a very few stationary items at the time I bonded with her for life.

Hello Kitty is moving into the Summer Journal by iHanna

As grown up I have accumulated more Hello Kitty things, and even crafted one or two kitty items through the years. A couple of years ago I was amazed (and grateful) when Hello Kitty trended and could be found on everything, even clothes for grown ups!

In any case, the summer journal is going strong even though I am slow. It’s the heat wave we’re having (or it’s just called summer weather I think). I have been bringing the Summer journal out on the balcony to work in it these days, in my lap. That is one reason it doesn’t have much acrylic paint on the pages, but things that is easy to use without making a mess.

Art journaling on the balcony
Summer journal on the balcony.

A glue stick and I’m a content girl, filling the pages day by day.

Kitty, how I love thee.

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  1. Love your HK spread! Kitty-chan has been a favorite of mine since I was a child, too. She always makes me smile!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us! Hope youre having a lovely summer!

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