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I started the day by making myself a cup of coffee when I woke up.

And last Sunday was the last day of the documentation project Week in the Life! I took that day to document some of my creative process at home. Some work by the computer, some at my art desk creating collages for my 365 Collages Project and adding a few colours to my art journal, finishing the page you have seen evolving over a couple of days now. Enjoy!

Sunday Flowers
More coffee
More Doodles added
Added flowers above the mandala, inspired by my Hello Kitty coffee mug.

Thrifted ring love it!
Love this ring, a find from Saturday Thrifting.

It’s raining outside, so I check e-mail…

And write a blog post…

Collage time
Creating collages for week 37, checking Instagram, and then remembering that I bought two new watercolours on Tuesday’s “artist date”.

Clear water
Painting some
Painting some…

Evening light
…and finishing the page in the setting evening light, as usual so caught up that I forget to hit the light switch in the room…

And that was my entire week! Feel free to check back on Misty Monday Morning and then the rest of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and finally Sunday.

Also check out Ali Edward’s Week in the Life page if you’re inspired to join next year. It’s super fun to dedicate a whole week to photography like this!

I will come back to these photos as I create a photo book from them! Thanks for visiting, and maybe leaving a comment.

What do you do with all the photos you take?