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Dear Photo Diary | Our Magnolia Tree

If people did not love one another, I really don’t see what use there would be in having any spring.Victor Hugo Dear Photo Diary, sorry it’s been a while. I haven’t taken a lot of photos with my big camera lately. Life is at a stand still, not just for me, but for much of […]

Documenting a week of your life

I document my life all the time. I’m kind of obsessed with documenting life. I journal. I photograph. I blog. I write. I instagram. I create videos. I… well, you get the picture. I love documenting life, so this project called Week in the Life is something I’m really into. Related PostsDestination Gotland – let’s […]

Week in the Life | Sunday Creativity

I started the day by making myself a cup of coffee when I woke up. And last Sunday was the last day of the documentation project Week in the Life! I took that day to document some of my creative process at home. Some work by the computer, some at my art desk creating collages […]

Week in the Life | Saturday Thrifting

After the Crayfish Party Friday I slept over at my parents, and woke up to a real Saturday breakfast on the veranda. My cat Smilla lives with my parents, in their house with the freedom to go outside when ever she wants to. She is a happy cat, but of course I miss her a […]

Week in the Life | Friday Photos

Continuing with how I documented last week, in photos. Friday I had a lovely calm morning, sipping my iced coffee and writing a bit in my journal before doing computer work. Related PostsAnnual Craft Accomplishments Report 2008 (part I) Make Smiling Snowmen Gift Tags Kurbits – painting the Dala Horse

Week in the Life | Thursday Photos

An ordinary Thursday in the Life of office girl iHanna, as she is documenting the entire week 37 of 2013. It was a great week to document, with good weather and a great new camera to keep me company. It’s also fun to compose these posts, picking out some favorites from the day and getting […]

Week in the Life | Wednesday

Wednesday I stay at home. With the camera set on the tripod I use the beloved clicker quite a lot to get myself in the photos more! I love the clicker. It becomes a day of errands, walking to town and having time to listen intensely to an audio book while moving around. Related PostsBrocante […]

Week in the Life | Tuesday Photos

It doesn’t at all feel like a choir to carry the “big camera” around this year. It weights only happiness. These are my favorites from Tuesday in Week in the life that is still going on, going strong! Most of these are from work/the office. Enjoy. Related PostsInspired at the Haberdashery I found this super […]

Week in the Life | More Monday Photos

Still some mist lingering this Monday morning as I arrived to the train station, but once I was in Stockholm the sky was blue and clear. I stopped once again on my way to work to document one of my favorite sculptures of this town, the Dandelion fountain. I pass it everyday as I walk […]