Week in the Life | Wednesday

A week in the Life 2013 | Self portraits

Wednesday I stay at home. With the camera set on the tripod I use the beloved clicker quite a lot to get myself in the photos more! I love the clicker.

It becomes a day of errands, walking to town and having time to listen intensely to an audio book while moving around.

Sad Geranium


After breakfast I did a bit of cut and paste into my diary, but wasn’t feeling very inspired. All I want to do is listen to this audio book I’m into right now…


I loved Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl when I read it, and now I’m glued to my iphone listening to Dark Places. I love that I can listen while out walking, or on the train.






Coming home
Coming back home.



And that was my day, in photos. Thanks for leaving comments and being part of the photo project Week in the Life with me! You guys rock!

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4 Responses to Week in the Life | Wednesday

  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    How wonderful to see bits of your daily life, Hanna. Feels like a visit across the sea to your homey home. What I notice is the glorious color that you always seem to have around you, right down to your fingernails ! A true artist life.
    Sending love and light and you wander through your sweet life days.

  2. Love these photos Hanna! I wish my days were this pretty!!

  3. dawn says:

    LOVE LOVE each of these photos!!! So glad you got a day at home and going around town, looks like you had great weather too!! I love doing this project, so fun and inspiring taking pictures all day and really slowing down to focus on what’s around us.

  4. Chris says:


    When walking, I can’t imagine not having my podcasts to listen to or my doggie to play with. I love walking anyway, but now I’m a multitasker and somehow, it’s just as relaxing!

    Nice shoulder.

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