Proof of my existence

Art journal: Kulturkalas

I like how random images from my image folder shows a sort of me-ness on the page. Selected new clippings and some that are a couple of years old are joined together into a collage. In this way the art journal is full of self portraits. Images that you can read as parts of I, Hanna. If you understand how you will see proof of my existence, and you get to know my taste, habits and interests.

What does your art journal say about you?

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  1. I just love your collage work! I need some tips or helpful hints or something. I would love to do more collage in my art journal, but I just have difficulty in achieving the look I want. That doesn’t stop me from trying, though! I get a lot of inspiration from your blog, so thank you so much for sharing!

    • Melody, you already know the trick: keep trying. Mine didn’t come together as easy when I started as they do now. :-) Another trick is to not focus on the end result (how you want it to look and already have the finished image in your head). Just go with the flow. I had no idea how I wanted this page to look when I started, so I just picked out images that I liked and put them together.

  2. I always see my art journals as an ongoing reflection of my life and myself. One spread will only give you a snippet of who I am, it’s the whole of all the journals together that is me until now. Tomorrow a new spread will add more to my story.
    I read a journal artist somewhere (forgot her name) who said the journal acts as a witness to our life. I like that. That’s exactly what it is to me. By the way: Love your snippet! ;-)

  3. The pages hold so many glimpses of you, what you find intriguing or interesting. As for my journals, I think if you looked at them in a stack, and paged through, you would capture a glimpse of me. I don’t know if I really have ever gotten myself onto a page, but I keep trying!

  4. What a fun spread, Hanna…so much to look at and enjoy! I love collage more than any other approach to art journaling…perhaps it reflects layers of complexity, or a short attention span, or a secret love of busy-ness and color that is not always reflected in my life.

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