I invite you into my creative, messy life with another post of random photos.

White box
White paper box from IKEA, for storing away this and that. A birthday gift from mom.

Twin gift
Handmade teddy bears. Gifted to newborn twin girls.

Yellow owl
A new cute owl for iHanna: it’s a yellow timer for my tiny kitchen.

Embroidered bracelet by Margot
Embroidered bracelet by Margot. She made it for herself and then gifted it to me. I love it!

Ullgarn som Elisabet frgat
Bought hand dyed embroidery wool from Elisabet, but haven’t used it yet…

Owl phone you
Owl image on my android cell phone [found via How about orange]

Tammy journal
Trying to write some lists in the journal that Tammy sent me in our swap. The list ideas we came up with together are giving me a hard time, but once I finish I will show the journal! It’s so pretty.

My previous photography filled post was called A Creative Life in Snapshots, but now I think that is too long for a reoccurring series of posts. Maybe Creativity in Snapshots is more catchy? That it’s about my life is quite obvious anyway…

What do you think? Got a better suggestion? Did you enjoy this post?