An Owl Journal etc

DIY cell phone cover
Mom took the time to make me a cell phone cozy that looks like owl! Just for me. But wait, there are more owls around here…

When you state that you really like the look of something, say owls, people tend to remember that and see you as a collector. I am The Owl Collector to my peeps. I guess it is because I go “Looook, how cuuute!” when ever I see a cute owl. Lately I’ve been given several tokens of owl love and I wanted to share them with you guys…

Leather journal photo by iHanna - Copyright Hanna Andersson

Owl items is everywhere, and they can be very different looking. There is no common ground to my owls other than that all of them are living with me and most of them are cute and/or funny!

Then when my mom came home from a weekend in Lithuania she brought with her a new very thick journal for me…Its an Owl Journal!

Leather journal with owl by iHanna - Copyright Hanna Andersson

An owl journal in embossed leather with nice blank pages inside. I don’t particularly like leather so its not a journal I would’ve bought for myself, but I usually fill most of my notebooks… eventually.

Would it be a totally desecrating action to paint over the leather you think? Maybe all pink? I’m considering it.

My Frida Kahlo Diary
For my birthday this year I got this beautiful Frida Kahlo journal, I don’t think I posted about it then?

My Frida Kahlo Diary
Or if I did it is worth looking at again. It is still empty but I love looking at it. The handwriting and illustration is taken from Frida’s own diary!

My Frida Kahlo Diary
It is made by Paper Blanks and has the white blank pages that I prefer in my notebooks.

Another owl from mom:

Yellow eye owl with paint brushes
A little glass vase or glass, thrifted by mom for me.

Yellow eye owl
He is on my desk holding some pens and brushes.

Orange eyed owl
The last owl for today is this owl. He is the the most kitschy thing in my entire collection, and came to me all the way from Russia! He is so extreme it is funny but I really like him. Hi sits by magnetism in a little gold tree, so you can pick him up and cuddle him if you want to. His name is Hoe, and maybe his last name ought to be Mr. Bling because of all the diamonds…

What silly little things do you collect?

Also check out the Hangover owls at tumblr! And TJ sent me a link to the cutest owl cookies ever that celebrats fall. Yum!

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  1. ooh, I love the russian owl! :)
    in my opinion painting the cover of the journal it’a a good idea. it’s a little too golden/brown for my taste. I don’t know what kind of colors you have to use on leather to have a lasting result. mmmhh.
    I’m not a collector, but I really love watch others’ collections, as my mum’s collection of “presepe” (you know, a typicall italian representation of Christ’s nativity).
    Have a funny week end, Hanna! :)

  2. Beautiful. I love owls.

    I evidently collect Peeps – those sugar-coated marshmallow chick blobs they sell at Easter. Years ago I purchased some small plush Peeps (chicks and bunnies), and ended up using a pink chick as my mascot on I became associated with Peeps by some local friends who are also members of Markeroni and (another group I am very active with), and since then I have accumulated two additional Peep plushies, two t-shirts, a bag, a coloring book, and other assorted swag. My friends just give this stuff to me when they find it. One even took me on a visit to the only Peep store in the nation (which, luckily, we happen to live near).

    I never intended to collect Peeps, but somehow it happened. Even my husband has been known to buy me a Peep or two from time to time. But I can’t say I mind. I love them – both as toys and as food.

  3. So the collection grows…! Your mom is awesome. I love the cell-phone purse the best. If that leather journal were mine, I’d hack off the cover and use it as a stamp or make rubbings with it and either make a new cover or just use the paper up…! Have fun…

  4. You were into owls long before it was a trend and I love that. You’ve got very distinct likes and dislikes and I also like that. Therefore, I would say go ahead and paint the owl journal cover! I think it’d be worse if you never ever used it than to make it into something you really like and then will enjoy using. It’d be really pretty in pink!
    I LOVE your cell phone purse! Your mom is awesome! =c) My favorite owl in your collection is the clear pencil cup though, hehe.

    I collect black cat – anything! My collection grows in leaps in bounds in October because of Halloween, though I don’t like anything that also features anything else Halloween-y. Just cats! =c) ( I even have a black cat tattoo!)

  5. Fun post!! Love all of your things you shared. Your mom is uber talented, I can see where you got your creativity from… it’s in the genes!

    Just watched a movie on Frida Kahlo…. feel a connection with her now. Fun to see your Frida journal.

  6. I, too, say paint the cover. It should be interesting to see how the leather takes the paint.
    Currently, I collect a few things: ladybugs, bats, monkeys.
    I’ve always loved owls too but don’t collect them. When I see owl objects at thrift stores, I immediately think of you. Too bad shipping is expensive or I’d send you quite a few things. (Or maybe it’s a good thing that shipping is expensive!)


  7. I have a collection of Edgar Allan Poe related things- various action figures, art pieces, books, etc. I also collect Mexican folkart (Day of the Dead items, sacred hearts, Virgin de Guadalupe items, etc.)

  8. Thanks for commenting and letting me know you are all very liberated about painting on precious leather journals! Now I am inspired to do it!

    And also about your collections… wow how fun it is to read about those! Sophie and U2Kitthe should download the Halloween pdf – both bats and black kitties in that one – made me think of you!

    Oh, and TJ – I can not believe I didn’t think of rubbing or stamping with it. Thank you for that idea! :-)

  9. I’d be interested to see what you’d do with the journal if you decide to paint it! I love it as is, so I’m having trouble visualizing it as pink. I’ll bet you would come up with something fabulous.

    I collect owls, too. You have some nice ones.

  10. I’ve been keeping a journal for quite a few years, but have only in the past 2 years begun drawing in it as well. Love it!

    4 years ago my husband gave me a plain black journal that I hadn’t yet used. But I’ve recently begun exploring art journaling and, with us possibly looking at spending a year in Korea I’ve begun creating background pages in that journal to be used in Korea for writing or drawing on. I’m going crazy with the gesso, with collaging and with various paint techniques. Love it too!

    I’m becoming free… So I think you should paint on your journal cover if that’s what you feel like doing. Go for it!

  11. Thanks for commenting!
    Silvia, thanks for the link! I’ve never carved a pumpkin, but if I would it would look like that owl one! Thanks!

  12. I’m so late, Hanna, once again! My sister in law used to collect owls. I saw so many of them and the surrounded us when I lived in her home. I still think they are so sweet, but I could never have them all around me again…
    I don’t really collect anything, but I do have a vast supply of papers and surfaces for collaging on and with! does that count?

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