DIY cell phone cover
Mom took the time to make me a cell phone cozy that looks like owl! Just for me. But wait, there are more owls around here…

When you state that you really like the look of something, say owls, people tend to remember that and see you as a collector. I am The Owl Collector to my peeps. I guess it is because I go “Looook, how cuuute!” when ever I see a cute owl. Lately I’ve been given several tokens of owl love and I wanted to share them with you guys…

Leather journal photo by iHanna - Copyright Hanna Andersson

Owl items is everywhere, and they can be very different looking. There is no common ground to my owls other than that all of them are living with me and most of them are cute and/or funny!

Then when my mom came home from a weekend in Lithuania she brought with her a new very thick journal for me…Its an Owl Journal!

Leather journal with owl by iHanna - Copyright Hanna Andersson

An owl journal in embossed leather with nice blank pages inside. I don’t particularly like leather so its not a journal I would’ve bought for myself, but I usually fill most of my notebooks… eventually.

Would it be a totally desecrating action to paint over the leather you think? Maybe all pink? I’m considering it.

My Frida Kahlo Diary
For my birthday this year I got this beautiful Frida Kahlo journal, I don’t think I posted about it then?

My Frida Kahlo Diary
Or if I did it is worth looking at again. It is still empty but I love looking at it. The handwriting and illustration is taken from Frida’s own diary!

My Frida Kahlo Diary
It is made by Paper Blanks and has the white blank pages that I prefer in my notebooks.

Another owl from mom:

Yellow eye owl with paint brushes
A little glass vase or glass, thrifted by mom for me.

Yellow eye owl
He is on my desk holding some pens and brushes.

Orange eyed owl
The last owl for today is this owl. He is the the most kitschy thing in my entire collection, and came to me all the way from Russia! He is so extreme it is funny but I really like him. Hi sits by magnetism in a little gold tree, so you can pick him up and cuddle him if you want to. His name is Hoe, and maybe his last name ought to be Mr. Bling because of all the diamonds…

What silly little things do you collect?

Also check out the Hangover owls at tumblr! And TJ sent me a link to the cutest owl cookies ever that celebrats fall. Yum!