I believe I am an Artist

Peek: I believe
Maybe it should’ve said I believe in my heart that I am an artist or I am an artist at heart (even if the world doesn’t know)… What ever! I don’t care, it’s finished. It is what is and it says what it says.

The art journal crusade this month (no 56!) is called I am a believer. It’s about making an artist statement in your journal and telling the world what you believe in. So easy, and yet so hard. This month it was hard for me to state that I am an artist, even though I know it is my calling. I felt doubt. I felt anxious. Not about writing it in my journal but how I feel about the way I live and the way my dreams look. There is no coherency. How can I sing along with Not a doubt in my mind when there is so much of just that?

Well I know about affirmations, so this is a try at that. I might not believe in my own words every time I see them, but maybe tomorrow I will sing along and dance too. Plus, I wanted to do this exercise before October ended so I just sat down and did a page, ignoring my worries and evil inner critic… Sometimes I think that is all we can do. Ignore our head and do art anyway.

I am really pleased with the result in my art journal. A happy page from a sad feeling!

I love writing something and then slowly outlining the letter forms with various pens.

Yummy pens
My entire table is filled with these yummy pens today. Yum!

Right now I love bringing the pens out and using them daily. Colouring in my silly little drawings, like the yellow flower doodle. I enjoy combining a quick watercolour background with colours from a the pitt pens or Gelly rolls.

Coloured pens
I also have these fiber pens from years back. A whole bucket full of colour that is now (after the move) re-found and put to use. But even if I didn’t use them I think they can stay. I put them on my living room table like a bucket of fresh flowers. ;-)

I did something else on the opposite page of the spread;

Peek: I need art
More words (I know art is important to me and my well-being. That’s something I can sign any time) and a big heart filled with doodles. I filled the heart as I was watching (listening) to the news on TV and Babel (a show about books).

Art is about well-being, more than anything to me. With art I get to dive into the essentials of life: play, meaning, conversation and feelings. Art gives us so much joy and it can be filled with life itself. My well-being comes from colours, new combinations and moving my hands with the brain turned off. I love turning my brain off!

How do you feel about claiming it: I am an Artist?

* Check out the inspiring post about crusade 56 – I am a believer!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me with some sign that you did… *hint hint*

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26 Responses to I believe I am an Artist

  1. Hanna, terrific post. There’s NOT A DOUBT IN MY MIND that you’re an artist. It surprises me to witness any doubt coming from you but I suppose we all go through that from time to time. Art is about well-being….well said. I love that you have to turn off your brain. I’m guessing that is because you have so many ideas, not because of the little voices that make us self-critique. I LOVE your bouqet of pen colors. Exactly what I would like to have on my table daily. How fun to give as a gift too – disguised in cone shaped wrapping as if they were flowers :) Beautiful pages! Thanks for sharing your perspective with the team. We always appreciate that you write and create from the heart.

  2. Madde says:

    On my kitchen wall theres a quote “what you want is what you get” :)

  3. Jane says:

    Such a wonderful page and I think you stated it perfectly, ‘so easy and yet so hard’. I love your bouquet of pens, too. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Rebekah says:

    I don’t know… I feel like an artist, and I love to think of myself as an artist, however if someone asked me to describe myself, it is not a word or description that would come to mind. I feel almost silly calling myself an artist. To me, someone who is an artist is someone who does it as a full time job. For me, art is something I do as a hobby when I have time, although I am always creating in some form or another. I don’t feel like I deserve the title of ‘artist’… maybe that needs to change, and I need to start believing a little bit more…

  5. TJ says:

    I believe in you and your art Hanna! Yours was one of the very first blogs I ever found, and you are an amazing creative woman…!!
    Well done on the Crusade.
    Best wishes, tj

  6. Karen says:

    Hannah, I am new to your blog and to Stockholm. I stumbled upon you while trying to locate an art supply store, (which I have thanks to you). You are undoubtedly an artist. I think of creativity as the spirit within us that pushes our expressions out into the world. Filling a small space with the sound of what moves us allowing it freedom. You have a beautiful spirit that is obvious in your creations. I wonder if there is an artist living, (or dead) who hasn’t had the same doubts. Thank you for sharing your art, it resonates with me.

  7. Terri says:

    I can really relate to your post Hanna. I feel self-conscious stating out loud that I am an artist, although I know I need to believe it. I loved your pages, and am inspired to try this challenge – although I’m running out of time! Thank you…

  8. Andria says:

    I love your doodle-filled heart, and I agree with you completely that, above all, art is about well-being. It is nourishing and energizing (once it’s had its way with draining you of all energy!).

  9. Susan says:

    Great page, Hanna!

  10. Bev says:

    Love your art and statements! Your heart of art is gorgeous! Keep aying it – you must believe it!

  11. Sandra L. says:

    The other day, a friend of mine was talking about me to someone, and she said, “Sandra’s an artist” and I immediately thought, “Who? Me?” I make art; but often feel like I’m not a “real artist” because I’m not selling my work (yet) and it’s not in galleries, etc.

    By the way, I DO think of you as an artist, Hanna. One of my favorites.

  12. edie says:

    I believe you are an artist, too! And you inspire me to grow up to be one ;-)


  13. Carolyn Dube says:

    Love your doodles and colors! I am so glad you ignored the critic and did art anyway!

  14. Marit says:

    It took me quite some time before I dared calling myself an artist and/or writer… and when I first used those words, I was a little scared like I would be punished for it or something… but I truly felt/feel that way, ‘in my heart’ as you call it, and there’s no doubt anymore. I love your shiny vibrant ART (in capitals dear!) Keep on rollin’!!!

  15. Judy H says:

    I was visiting a church with a friend and the preacher started his sermon by asking “Who is an artist?” At that moment I acknowledged myself and raised my hand. Now I can proudly say “I am an artist” outloud to the world and it feels good.

  16. laurie b says:

    beautiful pages with powerful sentiments! i may have to make my own statement for the crusade later today – thanks for the link.

  17. Art like Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….If women didnt posess more than their fair share of self doubt, there would many more famous Women Artists. So lets take example from our idols ladies….less doubt and MORE ART!♥ Happy Halloween from Canada

  18. Barbara Marie Steele says:

    Hannah, your art is colorful and refreshing like a spring rain dancing off flower petals! And, I totally relate to your statement: “My well-being comes from colours, new combinations and moving my hands with the brain turned off.” That’s a not only a necessary space to visit but a welcoming one!

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment, Barbara Marie, such poetic comments make me smile! The brain is such a useful tool, but its great when it is almost silent for a little while too, right?! :-)

  19. Chris says:

    This is so great, Hanna, and a wonderful source for contemplation. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself so often!

  20. Carrie says:

    Fantastic! I feel the same way; art is my happy place. And you’re right, sometimes it’s hard to turn off the “can’t” part of your brain. Good job fighting off the negativity!

  21. Cath says:

    Oh my – that bucket of colour is just so beautiful. Are you an artist? Heck yes :-)

  22. Mitzi Zohar says:

    I LOVE all those yummy colours, and I can tell you had so much fun playing with them. Isn’t that what it’s all about!?

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment!

      Colours and pens and comments about the fun of it makes my heart sing. Come back soon again!

  23. Chris says:

    Okay, YOUR doodles are fantastic. It’s really cool that you brought something happy and joyful out of a place of such doubt. The doubt seems to never be gone completely, but it is a great impetus to break free, isn’t it?

    Pens are my new favorite tool! And you know I love my some gesso and gel medium. But I’m becoming addicted to pens!

  24. Robin says:

    I believe you are an artist in your heart too :)
    and so am I…and a craft addict. I eve dream about my next project ha ha.

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