Endpapers, Frogs and a Pocket

Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great.
Niccolo Machiavelli

Art Journal Detail: Label with dates

I went back to my diamond stitched journal to add end-papers. The endpapers are the pages that consist of a double-size sheet folded, with one half pasted against an inside cover, and the other serving as the first free page (I glued that to the book block already sewed into the book. I usually use a thinn mulberry paper as endpaper, but that’s when they’re bound with the book block already. This time I took a piece of this awesome vintage green medallion wallpaper. I have a whole roll of this, and I love it. So I think it turned out nicely.

Art Journal Detail: End-papers and frog

I have a folder of animal images clipped from magazines, probably when I was 14 years old or so… I have image hoarder issues, I know. I thought I should at least find room for a few of my frogs. I love frogs.

Welcome to this journal friend

The first page is also made of wallpaper, a white one with a white pattern (that you can’t see in the image). I added another frog to it too. I can’t use these whole-page-images in my collages, because they’re too big. But for a page like this – perfect! The other side of the spread holds a quote and and felt flower with a sticker back:

Art Journal Detail: Felt flower
Art Journal Detail: Lightness that holds you up
Lightness holds me.

There is also a transparent pocket that I sewed in prior to binding the book. And you know how much I love to add pockets to journals and notebooks. I consider it a must-have.

Transparent pocket

Endpapers, frogs and a Pocket – adding in and enjoying the process.

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  1. Endpapers….i like that! i clicked back to your link about the diamond stitched journal-it’s gorgeous Hanna! the very first picture in this post which shows the side view of all the pages in your journal is scrumptious looking! frogs eh? i did not know that-lol and yes! that wallpaper is magnificent. i like adding pockets too. i enjoyed this post of you enjoying the process of endpapers and frogs-even tho i am not a fan of “hopping things” except kangaroos =) thanks for sharing <3

    • Thanks Jenny! The diamond stitched journal is a favorite for me too. And I was so into frogs when I was younger, not so much now… But still, I think they are graceful and magical, unlike anything else in nature. I mean… jumping amphibians – what’s not to love! ;-)

  2. Your journal looks so happy and cute! Thanks for sharing your progress with us! I haven’t tried playing with end papers yet, but I absolutely love the look! Next “Ticket to Venice” type journal I make, I’m definitely putting end papers in. Thank you so much for the great tip!

    • Thanks Arielle! The diamond stitch journal is a TTV-journal for sure, and my next one must be too, I love that binding so much! Oh also I’m going there soon. Hurray!

      • You’re headed to Venice?! I’m so excited for you! Hope you have a positively wonderful trip! Are you going to create a journal to capture your adventure?

    • Thanks for leaving comments!

      Tina, I love orange cats, since my Smilla is kind of orange… The cat sticker is from a old sticker sheet of patterns and figures on round circles. Sorry to say, it’s not available anymore.

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