Blue table

Garden mosaic table Lately I have read yummy books and taken pictures of the garden (mostly the pink buds and then flowers of the Magnolia Tree). I’ve been lazy in the sun most of the time because it was a great hot weekend with birthday party, wine, BBQ, boat ride, friends, eating candy, a new Moleskine diary and movies.

I’ve taken some photos today of the mosaic table I made for my parents last week. It’s blue for mom and made together with and for my dad whose birthday we celebrated this weekend.

My blue mosaic table fits very nice in this cozy corner of the garden, just by the entrance of the house:

Blu little corner
Mom’s blue outdoor pots and it’s a match!

I scored a giant box of mosaic tiles in different shapes and colors at a flea market two years ago, and this is the first project with some of those tiles! Dad fixed and painted the board and I did the mosaic part, using both small, medium and big tiles in different shades of blue. Plus a brown border to kind of frame it. I think it turned out okay.

The mosaic edge of the table

I just had to put in the only turquoise tile I found in the mosaic box. It just wanted to be in this project!

Blue table

There are plenty of tiles left in my mosaic treasure box. There are bags of all kinds of tiles, some shaped like hearts, others round and there are even some that you can put together like a flower! I think it must be one of my best finds at a flea market ever!

A dream project is a living room table for myself, made in two storages and covered in mosaic (both tiles and crushed porcelain)! Mmm…

White tulip crown

Some green tiny ones also jumped into this table:


What do you think? I think mosaic is fun!

My sweet cousin Charlotta is blushing over all the nice things said about her and her lamp right now and I’m blushing with joy over what Jen Lemen wrote about me at Blog Her in a post about blogs from Europe!

She writes; Hanna is the maven of all things arts and crafts on the web. Her love of fiber and textiles makes for happy browsing, and her Link Love page will send you out and about to the finest arts and crafts blogs in Europe and behind. :-)

* Today I added Jen’s blog to my list too!

I’m also enjoying what came in today’s mail, a book called Patchwork Playthings by Margaret Hutchings that Diane (she is my Craft Fairy I think) sent!