What do you get when you add a piece of new fabric (in a delicious rose pattern) with a thrifted sad looking stool (with a sewing box inside) from a flea market?

Sewing box stool that I thrifted and did this with:

My answer is that you get a beautiful and comfortable sewing stool that you can both look at and sit on without pain. Hurrah!

Sewing stool

I just upholstered this stool today using my new häftpistol from Panduro. I really like the result, what do you think?

Behind it I hung a dress I found in a box of my old clothes when cleaning for a flea market we attended as sellers this weekend.

A rosy dress

This dress stayed at home, because even if I don’t wear it I like the person I would look like if I did wear it… Strange, but I find it oh so difficult to clear my closet from old clothes.

And as wall decoration the dress looks quite nice I think.