Råskog – the turquoise Kitchen Cart, you know it? Yes, I’m guessing you already know thepiece of furniture I’m addressing today? It’s IKEA’s Kitchen Cart Råskog.You know the metal cart on wheels, made out of steel with a epoxy powder coating in the most delicious sea foam kind of color? First only available in turquoise, but now also in gray and most recently beige.

iHanna's Love letter to the kitchen cart Rskog by IKEA - for art making in the studio

I got mine a while back, but I still adore it and thought I’d write a love letter to it. Because why not spend your love on inanimate objects, when your heart is so full of love and there is not enough humans around? I don’t use my cart in the kitchen of course, Ihaveit in the studio space, and each day I love it a little more. A lot of artists find this cart convenient to use, and an awesome storage unit in the studio, just like me. It’s an artist love story for sure.

Rskog for Artists

Here is my ode to this cart, or my Love Letter to the Artist’s Best Friend Rskog.

Dear Rskog Cart

You know I love IKEA a lot, and I’ve done many IKEA hacks through the years, but so far you are my personal IKEA favorite, no hacking needed. When I first spotted you I thought you were a bit too pricey being anIKEA piece, but I still had to have you. I didn’t hesitate, I took you with me home and it was love at first sight.

Now I think you are the winner around here. You shine brighter than even Billy the Bookshelf, though he is an old favorite and much appreciated by me and my books. We’re keeping him too. The more storage the merrier, as you know.

iHanna's Rskog Kitchen Cart Not in Kitchen, by IKEA, love letter by iHanna

Actually, like with many of my crushes, I first saw you online, and knew I needed you in my life. You could never fit into my kitchen of course, because my kitchen is a one person space with no extra room to move around. But I knew you wouldn’t be a kitchen cart to me. You were born to become an Art Cart, the best friend of my acrylic paints, pens and some other random art supplies!

Rskog and storage for Artists, love letter by iHanna

After the hard fight to assemble you, you’ve been rolling well and fitting into my life. I keep you close to my polka dot art desk, like a big drawer that can move around when I need you to. I love that you help clear the desk of little things like stray tape rolls and pens. I love that all my acrylic paints fits into shelf 2 and 3, easy to access and overview at all times. If one color seemingly is missing, I spin you around a couple of times and then I often find what I’m looking for.

Rskog for Artists : top shelf for smaller things

Your top shelf is not constantly the same, but at any given time I know I can find regular tape rolls there, my favorite crayon jar and my set of watercolors. Sometimes I store a newly made journal at the top shelf, sometimes a transparent box of deco tape, or my washi tape holder. There’s a few pens, pencils, ink bottles and most of my scissors (those not currently in use or lost in a pile of paper somewhere)…

Ode to rskog, the IKEA kitchen cart, by iHanna on www.ihanna.nu

I so love you dear turquoise Kitchen Cart! You truly are the perfect organizer for all creative things that I need close at all times. What would I do without you, what would my studio be without you? And yet I have not even mentioned how sleek you look, how easy you maneuver around and how lovely your color is, matchy-matcy with my turquoise table and stool of course. I love the endless possibilities that good storage can bring, and you bring it straight to the table – every time!

I have a very small space, but I’ve designed it for me and my creative needs. And in that space you are a given. IKEA say this about you: The sturdy construction and four casters make it easy for you to move the cart and use it wherever you like. It even fits in tight spaces because of its small size. I couldn’t agree more. You even wheeled yourself into my heart, you darling cart you.

Thanks for all you do for me, Råskog. I love you.

kind regards

I would love to know if you have a cart too, or a similar relationship to another piece of furniture in your studio? And if you haven’t already bought and fallen in love with this kitchen cart that IKEA named Rskog you could go check it out on Pinterest or in any artist studio you visit probably. It has a cult following, so just join us.

PS: This post is not sponsored by IKEA, it comes with a smile and some very silly love.