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Art Journal Detail: Label it, by iHanna of

When you find your passion, keep at it! That’s what I wrote on that little label in my Art Journal. I believe in it. And it sounds easy, but it’s not. Especially if you’re anything like me, and are passioned about a gazillion things… How do you divide your time between it all? How do you even divide the pages in your art journal when you want to add in everything?

Art Journal detail: Duck, by iHanna of

Some keep lots of different art journals and notebooks, and divide them into themes and mediums and periods of time. I try not to do that too much. Even having two art journals makes me feel divided in half, and end up spending less time with either of the journals than I do when I just have one. I want one catch-it-all journal most of the time. But for Christmas, I’m thinking I want to create another Christmas journal this year, because I have a lot of “stuff” for it piling up… Who wants to join me?

Anyway. I have been adding in collage, sketches, mixed media painting and writing into the same spread, sometimes the same page in this journal.

I’m a fan of overstuffed pages, where you find new details the more you look…

Some pages are for cut and paste, one of my biggest passions. They’re not art to me, they’re more of glue books. Lots of elements that speaks to me, a mumbo-jumbo of lovely imagery.

Art Journal: I like to cut and paste stuff, by iHanna of

The above page contains, among other things: a quote, a copy of one of my own face drawings, a postal stamp, washi tape, bits from a post-it-note, my name cut from a received envelope and that label about passion in the middle!

Here are details from another spread in this journal:

Art Journal Detail: Geranium color, by iHanna of

Geranium illustration and IKEA washi tape.

Art Journal Detail: Part of a collage, by iHanna of

Part of a collage.

Art Journal Detail: A little fly, by iHanna of

A fly on the wall… and the entire spread:

Art Journal Peek: Stuff and paint, by iHanna of

Two overloaded spreads in a overfilled art journal. What do you think? What imagery speaks to you?

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  1. Ooh, that cutting and pasting looks like so much fun! It has been a while since I’ve done that. Inspired now!

  2. I would love to go through your book, look at every page, read and dream and smile. It’s just wonderful, your glue book.
    Thank you for mentioning my Wüstenprinzessin a couple of days ago😊

  3. The fly on the wall… ooh what a lovely drawing that is!!!

    Other then you, I have different art jounals going on – yes, I’m one of those art journalers who work in themes but besides my theme-based journals, I always have one or two (different sizes) ‘miscellaneous’ journal to go to when I don’t feel like working with a theme or don’t have a clue about the page yet, and yes, it turns out that some ‘theme’ pages end up in the ‘miscellaneous’ journals that way… There was a time that these pages in a ‘wrong’ journal bothered me, but I learned to let loose and just enjoy every journal I have.

    I’m not into Christmas at all… instead, I look forward to my top 2000 musical blog party, starting for the 6th year on the day after X-mas… I make a special book for that! (You’re welcome to join the party Hanna… I post the info in november but if you are curious already you can take a peek at last year’s info or select ‘top 2000’ as a category on my blog to see all the blogposts and artists/art from last years

    Enjoy your weekend my friend! Hope you’re not too cold up there in the North…

  4. I found your blog through Balzer Designs and I’m so glad I clicked on your link. I love your “glue pages” and your fly on the wall. Your style is charming and really speaks to me.

  5. LOVE these spreads. I suddenly want to do a lot more collaging. I like the label in the middle that connects the two pages, and my absolute favorite part is your little drawing in the bottom right corner of the last image. Great stuff. Very playful.

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