White herb shelf

Thrifted shelf White herb shelf
Before – and after!

I thrifted this herb shelf in a flea market for 5 SEK, then repainted it white. What a difference. The magic of paint continues to amaze me. I wish I could repaint the world! ;-)

White herb shelf
My little shelf won’t contain any herbs really. I’m planning on hanging it by my art desk and putting small things, like these paint bottles, up on it!

These are Adirondack Acrylic paint, Cranberry and Stream. I’ve read that they are amazing, so I had to buy some when I saw them in scrapbook store mom and I visited in Stockholm. But… I don’t know. Each bottle was 49 SEK (!) so, I’d expect them to be really really magic. But they are liquid acrylic paints… Nothing more nothing less.

More white!

As I was painting some stuff I promised mom to redo her Sewing Room Chair that she got from granma. It needed a bit of white too!

Ugly chair
Before: Orange and gray in thick layers of paint. A chair that has not been handled very nicely. But it is a sturdy old chair so why throw it away?

Ugly chair White chair for mom's craft room
Before – and after!

But painting a chair is not really my idea of fun, even though the result transforms it so nice. Every time you move you notice a spot you’ve forgot to paint. Every time you move the brush the paint starts to drip.

Soon to be white chair
During the process of sanding, painting and more painting. This is what I call garden work at its best!