Watercolors are commonly stored in a boring looking black metal box bought in the store…But does it need to be so… black? …so boring? …so store bought looking? I say: nay! Let’s personalize it and make it more fun!

Creating a personalized iHanna watercolor box by iHanna

When I got the idea to personalize my new, bigger watercolor box, I decided to bring out the spray paint. Because, why not? I love spray painting stuff to make them more my own, and by covering my watercolor box I totally transformed it into a very iHanna-like box of joy!

Three row watercolor box by iHanna

The box was the regular black tin box (with three rows for half pans inside) when I got it, but using a base coat of white I made it possible to use a thinner neon spray paint to finish the job!

Three row watercolor box spray painted white by iHanna

Just by keeping the box closed, I managed to keep it a simple and quick paint job, that I could finish in a day sitting out on the lawn.

Personalize your water colour box // Personalize your water color box // Gr din akvarellda mer personlig - tutorial by iHanna

It was as easy as one two three, and then it was done!

The iHanna Neon Pink Watercolor box with White Night paints by iHanna

I have filled this box with my white nights watercolors that I’m still really liking, and painting a lot in my neon star art journal (neon orange), because it’s filled with good quality watercolor paper. Yummy all around!

The iHanna Neon Pink Watercolor box by iHanna

You could totally use stencils, stamps, different colors or embellish it in another way – but for me the simple color change was enough. Neon pink makes me happy. So my love affair with watercolors continues. And now I love my watercolor box even more. I did not imagine that would ever happen. Every time I look at it, both the outside and the inside, it makes my heart sing.

It’s my happy box!

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