A week in the Life 2013 | Monday view

I was so tired when I got home from work Monday evening that I feel asleep early, without even emptying my camera. It was full of all the Week in the Life Monday photos I had taken during the day, with my new camera. Not until now I’ve had the time + energy to go through the photos properly. There are some great photos so I wanted to share them with you!

Geranium and view
Last year I concentrated on taking a lot of photos to document everything I saw and did. This year I feel like I am doing the same, but also taking the time to look for good photos, turning everyday life into something special. Instead of using my small pocket camera, I have taken my Nikon d5200 with me everywhere, and I love it. So far Monday morning gave me the best opportunity to document the extraordinary of nature, just outside my house. First when I woke up the view outside my window was filled with thick fog that half hid the world.

Foggy Monday

And then outdoors, the dew made everything magical…

Misty grass
Bluebell in the grass

Fence decoration
Dandelion in the morning
Path to work
Getting my feet wet

Got my feet wet, and was late for work. More photos soon. How is your camera doing this week?