Pretzel Sighting

A Pink House under a cloudy sky (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
I was on my way to a friend when I walked by this an few houses. When I notice that it has this nice pink hue I stop, take up my camera and snap a photo. Later I play with the photo in Photoshop; adding a blue sky and some white fluffy clouds, removing a ugly car etc. Prettifying it a bit. Wanna see the original photo? Sometimes it is just fun fun fun to play with those colour curves!

Fik i Vallentuna
I also pass by a patisserie where I notice a pretzel sign on the wall. Every time I see a pretzel these days I think about bloggfriend TJ. Since she moved to Ochsenfurt in Germany she has started a collection of Pretzel sightings that she features frequently on her blog. She is as obsessed with them as I am with owls and Hello Kitty! ;-) I like that kind of seeing. When you are on the watch-out for something special your everyday becomes a bit magic.

Close up of the pretzel sign:
pretzel sightseeing

If you ever really want to go pretzel sightseeing you must come visit me! I actually live in Pretzel Town – for real. At this caf? for example they are always in view:

Here the pretzel is a symbol of the town. You could say we’re famous for our pretzels but I don’t think that the patisseries here do them any differently from anywhere else. It’s just an image, a symbol, a story.

I like to go to caf?s to write in my diary sometimes, to be alone with my thoughts. I drink my latte slowly. I like glancing up at strangers sitting at other tables, and then looking down at my handwritten pages, contemplating my day. Doodle a few flowers, sip the coffee drink.

Kringla to eat

I usually just drink coffee but in honor of my pretzel hunting I had a cookie. A pretzel of course, called kringla in Swedish. It was delicious, to my surprise. I might have one next time too. Munching away, looking through the big windows at people passing by in a hurry.

In the department store in town even the floor is covered with pretzels:
You never notice when you pass by quickly.

When I stop and look at the carpet I notice the design it’s rather pretty. A lovely yellow ♥-pretzel.

You see more when you stop to look. Have you seen any pretzels (or some other cool symbols/patterns) in your town lately?

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  1. I somehow stumbled across your blog and I am loving it. I want to live where you live, I LOVE pretzels…..I also noticed you like owls…I am in love with owls too.
    I just wanted to say hi. Love all your art that you do. So fun!
    I have started journaling lately and have missed that. I want to start a color journal too, that would be fun!!!!

  2. This is a fun post! I love the part about sipping lattes slowly in cafes while journaling. Ahhhhh…. One of my favorite things.

  3. Love the pretzel sightings! Great photos and what an intriguing concept. It’s given me something to think about – what when I see it jumps out at me? What calls to be “sighted”? Hmmm…

    And great editing on the pink one!

  4. Hanna, you are so right. I want to take note of things like this better. Time flies by sometimes! I like seeing curlicues everywhere!

    Pretzel town sounds great. I think I’m going to try taking my journal to the coffee house, too.

  5. Hanna, I’m so happy you’ve shared your Swedish “hearty” pretzels. The fact that there is pretzel carpet in this world takes my breath away!!! This seals the fact that someday I will have to investigate your twisty town! Thanks for making my day. Happy creations from tj in germany

  6. That is one Prince of a Pretzel! Now, of course, we’ll all be seeing them everywhere. Lovely, creative post, as usual. :-)

  7. So funny I just watched Pippi L?ngstrump last night
    and there was a pretzel sign in the movie.

    God Bless You and Yours!!!

  8. How I love this idea, Hanna. :) From now on, I will be on the lookout for some recurent “signs” from my city.
    Now, where’s my camera? :-D

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