I like to create

A big part of my life is centered around creativity. In todays list you will find a few of the projects I have enjoyed. I believe that everyone is creative in some way or other. Maybe some of these ideas will spark your inspiration… I hope you will want to make something of your own, because I aim to inspire.

1. Doodle big on brown paper and colour it in with crayons or paint
2. Take an art journal class with me online and learn a few fun, new things
3. Sign up for the Sketchbook Project and spread your art into the world
4. Make a library pocket from recycled papers
5. Create a grid of pretty papers
6. Try adding digital texture to one of your own photos
7. Start a long-term project – said to increases happiness greatly
8. Take a photo of a bumble bee (or another small creature)
9. Watch an inspirational movie about someone that is creative

10. Cover a drawer with glitter because it makes your room sparkle
11. Create your own zine because everyone should try it at least once
12. Fill a paper with paint just for the fun of colour
13. Make a small booklet journal to write little notes in…
14. Look for special signs in your town, like pretzels (or something else that you find interesting) and bring your camera to document what you find
15. Write extensively about a favorite topic to investigate it further
16. Make a batch of postcards and mail them to your friends
17. Explore colour in a Sketchbook (I’m exploring pink because it is my favorite)
18. Smear ink with wabi-sabi intention
19. Paint decorative papers to use in your art or journal…
20. …then tear the papers into a quick collage

My creativity is pink

21. Keep a travel journal when you’re going some place, take notes
22. Get a workshop DVD that you can watch over and over and be inspired by
23. Have an Artist Date and fill your creative well
24. Make a pretty memory by assembling a years worth of photos into one book
25. List Projects You’ve finished in your life
26. Crochet a pretty little bowl
27. Roll your own fabric beads
28. Cut up a magazine and then recycle the remains
29. Spread paint with a old credit card and create a smooth surface…
30. …or scrape it hard to create texture and depth
31. Make an image transfer with matte medium
32. Ponder if you are introvert and then give your self creative time alone if you need it
33. Cook dinner and take photos of your accomplishments
34. Make your own colourful fabric by painting and writing on cloth
35. Buy yourself some washi tape and then put tape on everything
36. Create Evidence pages when you get new materials (like pretty tape)
37. Sew tiny stitches on a tiny surface
38. Use hues of ruby red on a journal page or maybe dress in that colour for work
39. Make your own Travel Journal for creative explorations on your next trip
40. Alter your Moleskine cover and make it your own

My creativity is sometimes green

41. Tea dye fabrics and then brew some extra and have a cup while you wait
42. Write down quotes from books you are reading and save them in a notebook
43. Sign up for my newsletter to be reminded of next years postcard swap…
44. Download a free postcard backside that you can print and use
45. Make your own paper cloth using fabric and tissue paper and lots of glue
46. Tweet this Creativity List to your friends and spread the joy further
47. Become apart of the Creative Revolutionaries with Diane Trout and join her new flickr group
48. Meditate – just sit and breath for a while and free some space inside
49. Make your own list of things you want to create or try next year and post your link/comment below