Plastic doll (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)

What is the ingredients in a long and crafty life do you think? Same as in any long and good life, plus the creativity perhaps? :-)

Healthy food, exercise, friends, inspiration, love? I dunno. I have to think about this one some more. But it is a good title for a post, right?

I hope you’re having a good day, that is a great start for a crafty life.

Here is some additional sites to visit today, if you’d like:

  • Are you as obsessed with knitting as Matthew? Awesome movie with amazing actor talents.
  • What is your Valentine plan? Give gifts lots of gifts, right?
  • Have you listened to the new podcast CraftSanity – a guide to living a long and crafty life? Jennifer is having a contest where you can win the book 52 projects! Go visit. And the is also asking for name suggestions on who to interview.

Inspiring people online 2006

This is the list I sent her:

    Danny Gregory
    Lynne Perrella
    Tom Judd
    Penelope Dullaghan
    Teesha Moore
    Mary Engelbreit
    Ron Huxley
    Camilla Engman
    Debbie Stoller
    Keri Smith