Creative Nudge 1: a fabric collaged page

Diana Trout (who wrote the inspirational Journal Spilling book) wants to nudge all of us into creative action. She is starting a new “thing”, something that everyone can join and play with. And she is calling us The Creative Revolutionaries. I love that name!

I feel like I am already a part of that movement, inviting you to my creative life via this blog (creating posts like 49 Creative things You Can Do Today) and the art journal class 21 Secrets etc. I am very creative but I believe that everyone can benefit from a creative nudge (or two) every now and then, me too! And creativity is what its all about.

I made the fabric collage above after reading the first Nudge that is a journaling prompt:

    Take a handful of fabric or paper scraps, a glue stick or double stick tape and your journal. Play and arrange and then, here’s the scary part: stick ’em down.

Not much fabric has been used in my art journal but it was interesting to try! I like the spread showing bits of my favorite scraps and also the underlaying parts of the page in my altered biology book.

The second Creative Nudge says;

    Take your camera with you today. That’s it. Just take it everywhere you go. To work or the grocery store. To pick up the kids from school. On a walk. Spin around and shoot off a few pictures. Take a picture of your shadow or the sky or your front stoop. Take a picture of the book you are reading, your desk, your co-worker. Take a picture of your dinner.

Join in, and post journal pages and playful photos to Diana’s new flickr group The Creative Revolutionaries!

Taking my camera with me is what I do all the time as you might know, but still, I’m brining my camera out right now. I’m meeting a friend in town and I will spin around and take a few pictures. Nudge, nudge.

Until next time – take care!