Serendipitous I won a package of these hand dyed fabrics from Kristin a few weeks ago. I love how the fabrics I won makes such a beautiful rainbow. I am planning to use them in some of my embroidery work this fall.

Rainbow of colours

Kristin’s blog Stitching hands is one of my favorite fabric-art-blogs to go to for inspiration! She writes about embroidery, quilting and dying fabrics. She also talks about the classes the takes, most recently a class with Janet Bolton, a great quilting artist that I admire.

Malin's zine
I have also received Malin’s colourful zine Artsy me. It is all colours and inspiration done in her own style. I enjoyed it a lot and I am very impressed with her “first try”. I like the format and…

Malin's drawing
…her darling cute illustrations. This is my favorite, a little crafter girl doing her thing.

Artsy me zine fold out
Malin’s zine has fold out pages, inclusions, pockets, recipes and projects. If you move really fast (and don’t blink) you might be able to snatch the last copy in her shop! If not you can visit her blog Milda Malin, she has lots of eye candy there.

I have also bought a few more glue sticks, because I am always in need of more glue sticks!

Glue stick with a nice cover
I wish all packing could be as pretty as this, don’t you?

New watercolour papers
I also splurged in a big heavy pad of watercolour paper since I have made journals of the loose papers I had. Its not Fabriano but it will do for now. I wonder how long it will take me to use all of these papers… I am guessing two years. I think this is a pretty good quality of Montteval aquarelle paper, cold pressed 100% cellulose acid free, 200 g/m2 (100 lbs). The papers are 24×32 cm (about 9×12″), a good size for folding in half and binding together… or cutting a part and making square collages on! :-)