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Art Journal Close-ups

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. John Wooden In almost all of the art journal peeks that I share here you’ll see close-up photos. Sure, I like to include the whole page or spread, but also several close-ups of the details. I just feel compelled to photograph the […]

The Pink Flower Mission

A Photo Project often start with one simple idea that spark your interest. The idea does not have to be genius or innovative, but it has to be something that interest you enough that you want to return to it from time to time (or else it won’t become a project). Ideas that I am […]

Introduction | Spotted Photo Theme

I have been thinking about a photo post idea for two years now, and now (finally) it’s time to get it going for real. I’m calling it Spotted Photo Theme! If you love photography, documenting, sharing and blogging you are most welcome to join me as I post a photo theme spotted in my personal […]

Spotted Photo Theme: Floors

Would you like to dig through your photos and find your own photo themes? Today, I’m posting my first spotted photo theme and invite you to join me. Today’s theme is more artistic than documentary (I’ve been looking for pattern and inspiration more than anything else), but a theme can be any subject you come […]

Food Photography

Do you take photos of your food – and if so, why? Why on earth do we do this? It’s defiantly a trend that is here to stay. Maybe it’s inspired by thousands of magazines with recipes and television shows about cooking, planning dinners, making desserts, about growing your own food, canning, baking and serving. […]

An Image Only Interview at CraftyPod

Sister Diane has started a new interview series called “the image only interview”. She asked a bunch of questions and then let her interviewee answer with one photo per question. I was thrilled to be the first one to be featured in this new series, and I had a great time looking through a few […]

Photo project | Documenting today for tomorrow

Today is A Day in Life Photo Project, and I’m participating. I’m so excited! This is what its about: It’s called, and this project was initiated by the Swedish foundation Expressions of Humankind (which supports scientific research and education centered around the photographic image and the written word). They’re asking the worldís inhabitants (you!) […]

Documenting a Week In The Life

Documenting a Week In The Life. Here’s some Photo Evidence of Spring. I was hoping for a great week starting today. A week of seeing friends, fun packages in the mail (finally ordered my dream bag), traveling some and even going to a museum. Now my back is still giving me problems so I’m not […]

Pretzel Sighting

I was on my way to a friend when I walked by this an few houses. When I notice that it has this nice pink hue I stop, take up my camera and snap a photo. Later I play with the photo in Photoshop; adding a blue sky and some white fluffy clouds, removing a […]