It’s time for the third list prompt in the List Journal (intro here), and this time we’re focusing on something I haven’t done much of lately; traveling. I’ve been doing a bit of work related travel around Sweden, but not the holiday resort adventure kind of traveling that one dream of. Not in a few years.

Well, not since I visited Egypt, and just thinking of that makes me want to plan & make a Travel journal and pack a bag. But in the meantime, one can dream….

List prompt #3: Dream Travel Places

You might have noticed that all our lists are five-lists (5 favorites etc). I like the short and sweet format of those lists. And this square journal that Tammy made for me is prefect for writing that kind of list. But each location/word could evoke a whole essay…

I think that’s one of the coolest things about a list. Each bull point sentence could be built upon, because there is almost always more to say… But this is my list right now, of five places I dream of traveling to someday:


  1. San Fransisco, US
  2. Rome, Italy
  3. Portland, OR, US
  4. Mexico
  5. Berlin, Germany

On my dream list is also events like the Knitting and stitching show in London and Art Journal Fest in the US. For years I’ve wanted to visit Sweden’s largest book fair in Göteborg, and this year I finally decided to make it happen. It’s going on right now and if you follow me on instagram (I’m ihannas there) you might have seen some of it already. I’m there now! Yay!

What places and countries do you dream of visiting? Please feel free to share your journaled list below, and then also visit DaisyYellow who shares her dream places too!