With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.
William Shakespeare

Today it’s mom’s birthday. I finally gave her a copy of my book A Creative Year and she was of course thrilled and very proud. This is how the package looked this morning:

Autumn star flower made from scrap paper by @ihanna

The idea of making a paper flower for the gift wrap came from Danny Seo that made very cool curly magazine ribbons a while back. I think this is a great idea, because I love making gifts but don’t like to spend money on expensive stuff that will be torn of and thrown away within minutes after they’ve been received! DIY girls!

Some of my collage papers in a neat plastic bin beside my bed. I try to use this stuff to make it less, but I think my piles of papers, magazines and ephemera is growing when I sleep. It’s expanding all the time!

My pink cats
I bought a very kitschy porcelain cat with two kittens last weekend. Beautiful or ugly, you are entitled to your opinion but maybe it will make you smile? I mean, it’s a pink cat with green ears? What can you do but laugh? I know I did when I saw it. :-)

Happy birthday mom!