I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.
Audre Lorde

The Best is Yet to Come birthday card + gifts

The best is yet to come… Birthday card and gifts for a friend.

The weekend is here and I’m back home after a week of house and cat sitting in the country. As I am unpacking and watering my plants today, I thought I’d share five awesome artist videos that you simply must watch if you have an artistic dream that needs inspiration… I hope you like ’em! Enjoy!

5 Videos about Being an Artist & Dreaming Big

  1. Darren Rowse: How to Get Dreams Out of Your Head Inspiration with link love from iHanna (link list at www.ihanna.nu)
    Darren Rowse’s WDS-talk is great, and full of inspiring tips and ideas. Among other things the talks about where to look for your next big thing and the the two questions he asks himself every day, questions that have unlocked some amazing opportunities…
  2. Video Interview with Wes Lang
    An interesting interview with American artist Wes Lang, from earlier this year when he had his entire studio moved to Denmark for an exhibition called “The Studio” at ARoS Museum there. Such a cool exhibition idea, guy, talk. Watch it!
  3. Tiffany Shlain: The Creative Process in 10 Acts
    The Future Start Here! Failing big is part of the creative process for Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker, speaker, and founder of The Webby Awards. Through behind-the-scenes footage of her acclaimed feature documentary Connected, Tiffany shares the creative process she has developed over the years – the hunch, the darkness, the breakthroughs, and everything in between. And there is a whole series of awesome videos there, another favorite is about the Technology Shabbat!
  4. Brne Brown: Why Your Critics Arent The Ones Who Count
    There is nothing more frightening than the moment we expose our ideas to the world. Author and vulnerability researcher Bren Brown shows us how to deal with the critics and our own self-doubt by refusing to armor up and shut ourselves off. Not caring what people think, she says, is its own kind of hustle. Instead we must reserve a seat for the critics and our own self-doubt. Tell them, I see you, I hear you, but Im going to do this anyway.
  5. Alisa Burke: The Art of Chasing a Dream
    Favorite blogger and artist Alisa posted a whole series of videos recently, all about how she became an artist herself. She gives advice and lots of encouragement too. I was inspired when watching her talk, and I hope you’re too!

On my blog this week, in case you missed it, I’ve shared a spotted photo theme of animal love (feel free to join this meme), my new hand bound journal, a very pink free desktop image and the art journaling exercise Starburst.

What have you been watching, reading, finding? I’d love some inspiration back if you want to share. Thanks!