I want this now!

Like I need more stuff? Well, can’t blame a girl for dreamin’ – right?

This is what I need/want/crave right now:

Need this bike with roses - now!

Well, that’s it for right now. Just writing it down makes me feel better and calmer. Phew!

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  1. Oooh! A shopping list ;)
    I looooove that bike! I have a nice bike, but it’s not white with pink flowers – although I did put a lot of flower stickers on it like any good 30-something mother of two should!

    Perhaps you could celebrate half-birthday? That would be in October, yes?!

  2. Tiff, 29 and a half year, oooooiii, I like that! I think I will! And I have a bike too, but not this one! hehe.

  3. Hello iHanna,

    I really like the idea of emptying ones whishes into a detailed whish list. I make lists all the time, lists with books I’d want to have on my book shelf, good personality qualities I’d like to accuire, things I’d like to accomplish in my life etc etc. It’s half-way to fullfilling ones dreams ;o)

    Regards, mamatherapy

  4. It’s fun to write wishlists! I love somerset studio magazines, they’re so beautiful aren’t they? I can find them here only in Borders, but I don’t like to shop there because I want to support all of the little independent bookstores. For Somerset though I just have to go there and then pay the ludicrous international shipping price on top of the magazine cost, ick! It’s worth it though because it is such a beautiful magazine.

    That bike is so cute. And I know what you mean about Artfest – it sounds like marvellous fun.

  5. Oooh, I love your list. Reading it was like a scavenger hunt–clicking on the links and seeing all sorts of drool-worthy, artsy goodies. What a great idea.

  6. i heart that bike! thank you for the wish list idea, and for reading! i want to look around at your blog now:)

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