Art Journal Peek: Hey Mr Bluebird in the Garden

Art Journaling Outdoors

I tend to think I need all my supplies to create, and sometimes that keeps me at home even though I want to go elsewhere; to travel or just simply go outside for a while. In summer I love to create outside. I miss having a balcony a lot – but since I don’t have one right now I’ve experimented with creating elsewhere this summer. A few times I brought my journal outdoors, and it’s been blissfully awesome.

I think watercolouring is especially good to do outside, when the weather allows it. It is not as messy as acrylics you know. Watercolour pans are smaller containers and it’s easier to carry. All you really need is your journal, a pencil, water and your paint brush and paint box!

Smilla - Sleeping cutie
And it’s so nice to have a sleeping cat keeping me company in my parents garden. Here is a close-up of the flower doodles, posted to instagram:

I started writing and drawing above, and finished the page at my desk a few days later. This is the finished spread:

Art Journal: Hey mr Bluebird
Hey mister Bluebird, born in the garden, come sit on my shoulder and sing a happy tune for me.

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4 Responses to Art Journal Peek: Hey Mr Bluebird in the Garden

  1. Caatje says:

    These pages are adorable. My number one tip: get yourself a waterbrush! Maybe you already know about them, but just in case you don’t. They are synthetic brushes with a built in watercontainer. Some brands are rubbish, but I have some by Pentel and some by Koi and they are good. You need to learn to work with them a little (to get the right waterflow), but once you do they are amazing. You can just clean them by rubbing them off on a piece of tissue or cloth (or another page). They make it possible to do watercolour without a seperate container of water you have to put down somewhere. In my backpack I always carry a tin a of watercolour, a sketchbook and a few waterbrushes. It makes it possible to work anywhere. They were a revelation to me when I first heard of them. ;-)

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  3. Linda K says:

    such a sweet, fun and whimsical spread! Love how you water colored around the writing! That kitty looks so content and is very sweet too .
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  4. Chris says:

    So good, Hanna! I loved the link to your balcony post, and how long I’ve been reading your blog. And how long Smilla’s been smiling!

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