Summer Crush | Broholmer Puppies

Bornholmer Puppy

A friend of ours has several dogs, the biggest one is a female Broholmer called Gaia. The breed is still very unusual in Sweden even though it originates from Denmark. It’s a huge dog, but extremely calm and gentle. Gaia has her head above my waistline…

Gaia the tired mom

This summer Gaia had no less than twelve adorable puppies, and guess who came running to visit the poor (tired but proud) mom and her puppies. Me, yes me.

Tiny Puppy, big Love

The first time we visited the puppies they were just a little over a week and very small and helpless. Super cute but not too fun to play with, because we couldn’t pick them up to cuddle. So since then we’ve been back twice and OMG! OMG! OMG! I could stay for ever, and probably would if at all possible. I just sit in the midst of puppies and sigh.

Hiding place
Lots of sleeping beauty
Puppy number 12

They are easy to photograph when they sleep, but when they wake up it’s a wild ride.

Heavy duty
Lunch time

They are super adorable, but without any manners at all, they bite on everything including shoes, toes, arms, clothes and each other. They love biting, nibbling, licking and being mischievous.

Broholmer puppy
iHanna LOVES puppies
And I love puppies!

When I grow up I am getting a dog of my own. Not sure when, or how, but I will. One day.

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  1. ooooohhhh my goodness, they are adorable!! you’ve captured them so well, both their thoroughly-sleepy-ness and their super high energy. love the one tugging on your skirt! this post reminds me of this youtube video that makes me laugh every time. thank you so much for sharing! (and you look beautiful, too!)

    • It was a good think my skirt was already frayed, because that puppy was not the only one biting into it…

      And thanks for the link Ingrid! I’ve got some iphone movie clips on my phone from the puppies too, if I find the energy I will compile something and upload it to my youtube channel too. They are adorable IRL!

  2. They are so cute–and 12 of them! Mom must be exhausted from feeding and nurturing them. I did notice that for a very young puppy, the one you are holding is mighty big. That is a handsome breed of dog.

    • Thanks Quinn, the photos are from all three visits to the puppies, so the puppy I’m holding is much older than two weeks. They will be ready to move out (all of them were already sold before they were even born) next week… I think it’s sad but I’m sure their mom (dog mom and human mom) will enjoy the rest.

  3. So cute for such a large breed. I love dogs! Especially the one pulling at your embroidered skirt! You did good on the puppy pics. So glad to learn about a “new” breed recovered from extinction. Any dog lovers here may want to check out Robert Clark’s gallery on National Geographic site.

  4. Cuteness overload!!! One day I’ll have a puppy again too…. I always love big dogs. My motto is “if they can’t knock you over and lick your face when you get home, they’re not a real dog!”. Congrats on actually being able to photograph them in full, puppy-speed motion!

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