Water colour me

I did this summer’s best collages (according to me) on loose pages from an old watercolour paper pad, with very little supplies. All of them fitted in my pen case and a small “art bag” I found in mom’s sewing room and asked if I could have. I love this little bag, as it contains all I need for “journaling on the go”. My date stamp, a scissor, a glue stick and my watercolour box!

When I’m creating at home I sometimes start by “sorting papers” or and then I don’t get any art done. Or just trying to dig out my desk is also difficult with all the important pile of materials that I’ve collected..

2007-07-05 136

I rather just bring a few papers and doodle outside, and I highly recommend you to try it too. Don’t stay inside, go out and play. You’re aloud!

I’ve done several “self portraits” this summer, trying to figure myself out. I constantly make new discoveries about me and what I like. Every sentence has a meaning, so I jot down lots of quotes. Every image becomes a portrait of me… or a piece in my thoughts. I also watercolored me!

This is how the page turned out with journaling and glasses added: finished journal page! Brrr, not my best, but hey, I didn’t use a mirror! ;-)

Here are some other pages that I like much better, one finished and the other two scanned before I wrote on them:

"pl?tsligt sa Lena" Egypten drottning / queen

And some mp3-joy today too:

  • Loud and Clear mp3-file – just a clip found at Claudine Helmuths site. A joyfull listen!
  • How to make money without a Job – by Steve Pavlina (podcast). First time I listned to his podcast and I really think this is inspirational! Thank’s Steve!
  • I totally looove the Hip Tranquil chick and her podcast! I listened to podcast #84: manifesting with the jivadiva today when Smilla and I went outside together! Lots of inspiration about finding out what you want, being positive and making a manifestation (and by linking to her site also found more yoga to download! Joy!). Friday I listened to #75: making changes with Gail McMeeken who is the writer of 12 Secrets of highly creative women that I own!
  • My shop has been mentioned by Funky Finds post! Cool! And I’ve gotten the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award by my fellow blogger crafty musings! Thank you!
  • I also want to post about the most unusual place I’ve made art, but I’m still looking for the images so I’ll do that later this week. But in the meantime, why don’t you tell us all? I’m curious too.