Every Artist Needs a Scrap Notebook

Scrap Notebook - on my desk by @ihanna #collage

When you don’t know where to start or what to do with your collage scraps, a Mini Scrap Notebook is the perfect place, get into your scrap inbox and start filling one. Mine is a small spiral bound book that I’ve made myself. In it you add little bits of paper to get started. 2-4 tiny bits on a page is enough. And once you’ve made a mini collage or two you are already in the flow.

At least that is what happens to me.

1-2-3 collage by @ihanna #collage
Recently I made a few start-up collages in my Scrap Notebook. They are like warm up exercises for artists. Gets you going, makes your hands move. Lets your brain wander off.

Here are a few recent ones:

King of the Day collage by @ihanna #collage

Most of these paper scraps are from my scrap box. The bits in there (left over pieces) are perfect for this tiny scrap-notebook.

Shy lady and Blue bits collage by @ihanna #collage

Combining two or more papers makes a new statement. I love when that happens.

Collecting bugs

In a scrap-notebook you should try to be minimalistic. That’s the point of quick and easy collages. Don’t think or over-do it.

Star from Ellinor, photo by @ihanna #collage

Restraints are good for your art, and for you. Yes, I’m serious. Freedom is great, but total freedom can be stifling. Right?

Bits & Owl Love collage by @ihanna #collage

I should really try to keep the Scrap Notebook on my desk, always, and do some of these every day. I would love to say that I do, but I don’t. I’m randomly using its pages when I remember.

You can view previous pages from this book in this post!


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  1. RUNOLIST! where did you get that? : DDDD

    i like your scrap book. and the names you gave to your works.

  2. I love it.
    I like the idea – it’s not a new one but one to be reminded at again and again.
    And I just love the small collages you made out of your scraps.

  3. I love that you show your process, it makes your collage even more special. Awesome collages!

    Happy Glue-it Tuesday to you as well : )

  4. I love this idea! I have such a collection of little bits that I can’t bear to toss great idea!
    And I really love seeing what you’ve come up each day, really brightens my day! Hugs from the States!

  5. What a wonderful idea. Collage has always been my favourite media and this idea appeals to me a lot. Thanks

    I am supposed to doing my embroidery course work so why am I messing in my sketchbook. I have collaged some pins to the page though and made them into flowers heehee…

  6. I love this idea too – you’ve taken your simplicity or inspiration notebook (which I still use that idea all the time – I’m on my second notebook) and made it even simpler yet just as striking. Simple is definitely gorgeous…..I’m ready to try it on a few of my 365 collages….

  7. Definitely a great idea to use a scrap notebook to get the juices flowing…and to have a place to admire favorite scraps! Thanks for sharing your pages for Glue It Tuesday.

  8. I have a box of left-over scraps too. I’m so glad we have Glue it Tuesday, where I can use them all. Pretty yellow round – reminds me of a paper Japanese drink umbrella! {:-Deb

  9. Love this idea, thanks once again for the inspiration! I hope it’s ok, I am going to mention this post on my next blog post.

  10. Hi Hanna….collage is my favorite medium….I love paper and glue! I love all your little collages…simple but very effective! Maybe next week I won’t forget about “Glue It Tuesday.” I couldn’t participate in the postcard swap this time…maybe next time.
    Happy gluing!

  11. Love your collages and love the idea of a scrap notebook. I tend to keep some postcard-size stock on hand and when I’m finished working on a larger collage I paste all the leftover bits on. It’s fun to see what turns up.

  12. I LOVE your minimalistic collages – gorgeous! Happy ‘gluing on tuesday’ – although it’s already Wednesday ;)

  13. Perfect! I love working in small journals, you can tuck them into your bag, in the glove box of the car and even in your pocket. :)

  14. I love this! I, too, have a spiral bound scrap book but instead of making little mini collages, I cover the entire page in my extra scraps. I like your idea much better and will give it a try! Thank you as always for the inspiration!

  15. Hanna, Your pages always make me smile and show the joy and simplicity of cutting + pasting. I find your minimalistic collages quite intriguing!

  16. Love the idea of amini collage notebook and the minimalist approach. I tend to fill the page.
    Such lovely collages all of them!

  17. I have been thinking of ways to “use” the scraps of papers, wrapping things, etc. Thanks for sharing this! Definitely going to give it a try :D

  18. I love these! Very minimal and yet, all the breathing room allows the individual papers speak volumes. I should keep a book like that on my work table as well. I’m constantly picking up those tiny bits and bobs and can never bring myself to throw anything away. All those paper go into a drawer that is specific for tiny scraps. I could probably fill tons of books this way.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. Love the idea of mini simple collages. No pressure just exploring and warming up. Sounds perfect for little snippets of time as well!! :) I have a little notebook that has not been started yet… :)

  20. After reading about your collage technique, I experimented. I made a tinted background by covering the page randomly with a couple colors of water soluble pastels and smeared the colors around with gesso on a tissue. The simplicity of the collage looked well against the colored page.

  21. What a fabulous idea! So often these little scraps are quite the gems! Great inspiration!

  22. lovely idea! I am one that fills the page to the brim and then….maybe a little more if I possibly can. my journal does not close all the way. But I to, love others that have a leave the white space, those that let your mind wander in between the images. I also…have a.l.o.t. of little scraps (can we say hoarder of paper?) this is perfect! thanks hanna!!! I am so glad I was sent over here from Daisy yellow…your work is great!!!

  23. I love this idea! I just finished binding a book with copy paper for this purpose.

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