DIY Postcard Swap spring 2021

DIY Postcard Swap spring 2021 - welcome to join now! #diypostcardswap

Let’s make some happy mail and DIY Postcards together, shall we? Last year was our 10th Anniversary of the DIY Postcard Swap, but of course I want the joy of the swap to continue this year. So let’s create even more fun!

Get the DIY Postcard Book, join the instagram challenge, make postcards!

I sent out my Newsletter yesterday, to announce that we are starting the postcard swap for spring, and then I will host another one later in the fall, as usual. If you can’t join right now be sure to sign up for my Newsletter to be notified when that one starts.

If you’re new, here’s the deal: You will be creating 10 handmade postcards, and then get the same amount of postcards back from 10 other people – from all over the world! It’s easy and super fun. DIY means “do it yourself” so i.e. handmade. If you have any questions about what size, medium or anything else, check the FAQ first, then feel free to contact me! I also ask you to read through the information page and the rules listed there, so that you know a little more before joining for the first time. It’s nothing too taxing, but all information good to know – and loads of inspiration of course!

DIY Postcards painted 2020 by iHanna for iHannas DIY Postcard Swap

New this year: Fun Instagram Challenge

Joining the swap is a great way to get going on being creative in little chunks each day, and this year I will also host a fun instagram challenge that I have been thinking about for years! I wanted to do it last year, but couldn’t manage it with all the videos I also shared then.

I love seeing what you all are creating, but most people start sharing their postcards after I send out the addresses and then the swap is closed, which means that your friends and followers (that might be new to the challenge) miss out on joining. So, what if we share something every third day or so, up until the last sign-up day? Then we’ll both get to see what others are making and find inspiration in that – as well as let everyone know how to join before this round closes.

DIY Postcard Swap Fun challenge spring 2021 - share what you make with us #ihannaspostcardswapfun

I so hope you’ll join!

I will share this graphic all about the challenge on instagram probably tomorrow, so if you’re not following me there (@ihannas) please feel free to do so!

The prompts are loose and the most important thing to me is that you share things related to this swap and that you have fun when creating! Please feel free to tag me in all your posts, and use the usual hashtags #diypostcardswap and our new one that is not polluted with sell ads #ihannaspostcardswap (I’d call that one the official one!) along with the challenge hashtag #ihannspostcardswapFUN for the things in the list!

Please note that you can share using this tag even if you’re not joining this year, but want to share some photos or postcards from previous years of the swap! With the thousands of cards we’ve made collectively I know some of them could be put in the spotlight again. :-)

Also NEW: The DIY Postcard BOOK

I finished the first version of the digital book about DIY Postcards before Christmas and sent it out to those of you that pre-ordered it. Thanks to all of you who made me push through to finish it! I feel very grateful for you. I got some great feedback too, and have since made some changes, and created a pretty grid cover, because I like them a lot:

iHanna's DIY Postcard Idea Book cover

The book is available in my shop here but note that if you’re also joining the swap, do that first, because you can buy the digital book as add-on to the swap at a reduced price.

If you have any questions share them below or e-mail me directly, and have fun creating some awesome postcards!

Don’t miss your chance to make postcards with us.

Join the DIY Postcard Swap spring 2021!

Oh and for easy reference, some of the resources I’ve shared through the years below.

Studio iHanna Scalloped Border

DIY Postcard Swap Resources

10 Responses

  1. I’m so excited! I think about the swaps and what I might create for a couple months before they are announced. I look forward to it every time!

  2. signed up and ready to create! participating in the twice yearly diy postcard swap is a highlight of my creative year.

  3. I purchased the ebook with the sign up. How do I receive the book?

    • Thanks for joining the swap and buying the book, I’m thrilled that you wanted to join in!

      And just as it say on the page, it takes me a few days to go through, check and sort all swappers, and then send it out manually. But as of now I think you should’ve gotten the digital book via e-mail?

      Let me know if you have any additional questions or requests. :-)

  4. I love Spring and making postcards! Thank you for your continued commitment to making this happen!

  5. Just joined the postcard swap & got the ebook too, now off to look for inspiration and create 10 or maybe more small works of art!!

  6. I joined the postcard swap in early days when I had little experience or confidence as an artist. It was a great experience to work in a series! I’m now a “full fledged” collage artist and really recommend joining for anyone who’d like a fun challenge … and lovely postcards!

  7. I’m so excited for this swap!
    I joined your instagram live today with Tammy and it was so inspiring.
    Thank you!

  8. I discovered your blog and the swap five years ago and it was so much fun (I still keep the postcards I received for creative inspiration). But then life happened. So I was so happy to find you on Instagram (via Tammy!) just in time for this year’s swap. Looking forward to digging into your book too! :)