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Today is the first Friday in a series of 9 that I will be sharing a page for the series Fill a tiny journal. You are invited to join in and share your tiny journal page on the theme “heart” – on your own blog or on instagram for example, using the hashtag #fillatinyjournal so we can find you – and please also click to check out, like and comments on other peoples entries – let’s make this a lovely experience for everyone, as all journaling should be.

Fill a tiny journal with Tammy and Hanna #fillatinyjournal

The theme today is “heart” and that is one of those themes that I keep returning too, at least once a year in February, and sometimes beyond that. A lot of my journals have doodled flowers, but also pages of hearts.

Video: Journal with me process video

In this tiny journal that Tammy made for me, I filled a spread with a couple of different hearts, big and small, and a little poem about “what’s in my heart”. I filmed the process and some thoughts of making these pages:

I thing of this kind of videos as “journaling porn”, because you know, lighting candles and setting the mood before getting started… At least I’m not a sage burning person (yet). I don’t often do this kind of prep, but for the sake of a cozy video, this time I gave it a try. Hope you don’t mind a little mood setting and cozy ambiance for your Friday. LOL.

Friday mood when journaling #fillatinyjournal

Ambition level: your own

The point I want to make is that a journaling page can be as elaborate or as simple as you give it time to be. And you do not need to have this elaborate plan for what you want to say or do on the page.

With a prompt like “heart” the colors and image is pretty clear to me, and I know from the beginning that I want this sweet, romantic vibe. But any other interpretation you come up with is equally right and correct. Anatomically correct heart could be used, your page could be without a heart and instead a simple list of things that you “heart”, it could be about red passion or heartbreak or even loss.

Coffee, watercolors, and candles for a Fill a tiny journal Friday session at my desk #fillatinyjournal

With journaling there is no right or wrong, just your way. And your own way could also be to copy my page, with your own collage papers, stickers and words, to learn from my way of painting around a heart to leave the heart a blank canvas for my poem. I don’t mind as long as you give me credit if you share it online (and don’t teach or sell it is your own idea of course), and I think that is true for most artists.

Next week’s theme is connection, but make sure to connect with us already today or if you make a art journal page on “heart” during the weekend or next week. Like I’ve already mentioned, we want to inspire you to jump in, and fill a tiny journal! If you share your page elsewhere don’t hesitate to add in a direct link in the comments below (to your blog, flickr, tumblr or where ever you post) – we want to see what you come up with!

Fill a tiny journal prompt: HEART #fillatinyjournal

Join us

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Fill a tiny journal page by iHanna Heart #fillatinyjournal

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Next prompt is connection

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