Withered tulips on our living room table Photography Hanna Andersson

Dear Photo Diary,

I have been making videos at my desk, for my YouTube channel, but I have not been taking a lot of photos. It’s just been that kind of year I guess. Who else feels that it’s been a bad year for photography? I think it’s time to restart the habit of taking photos around your house if that’s the case. I will try, now that the sun is (maybe) back a bit more (or at least I hope it will be spring soon).

But I managed to scramble together a few photos of mine that are my jam: bright, inspiring, showing creativity in some way or other around here, so I thought I’d compile a Dear Photo Diary post for you. Yay, right?

Another year has gone by
And I’m still the one by your side
After everything that’s gone by
There’s still no one saying goodbye
Though another year has gone by.
Celine Dion

Yummy pens

Ls favorite coffee cup is blue and gold

Heart painted 2020 by iHanna

Polka dots

Pens, coffee, watercolor experiments, ideas percolating.

Painted letter writing papers by iHanna

Smiling suger rush Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson

Today it was snowing, but this was about two weeks ago here in Sweden:

Spring in Sweden 2021

And a heart-shaped cake that my mom made:

Cake made by mom #heart

So, Dear Photo Diary, I can only find one entry from last year (the birthday of our magnolia tree) and that’s kind of sad. I guess it’s been a while and I’m just now noticing. I hope I will see you soon again, with new photos to share. But it is still hard. We’re hardly going anywhere, staying at home all the time, and I have not been feeling inspired by my surroundings (and not able to fix it up either). But the photos I do take makes my mood lift, and they remind me that it’s not all bad.

There is power in a photograph, never forget that. So don’t say good bye, say hello!

yours truly