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Dear Photo Diary may 2020

Dear Photo Diary,

sorry it’s been a while. I haven’t taken a lot of photos with my big camera lately. Life is at a stand still, not just for me, but for much of the world. But in nature, nothing stands still. It is spring outside and I feel lucky that I can still go out and enjoy spring…

We have so many birthdays in April and May, and these are a few of my photos from these occasions. Firstly, Smilla and me:

Smilla and me on the lawn May 2020

Smilla the cat is alive and well, as you can tell. She turned 15 years old this fall.

Dad, who got a beautiful Magnolia tree on his 50th birthday turned 75 last week, and so the Magnolia turned 25 years old.

The Magnolia tree 25 years old May 2020

I’ve painted the magnolia and blogged about this wonderful tree before, but this year it is more beautiful than ever I think. It’s so big and there are so very many flowers in it.

I fall in love with it a little bit more every time I see it.

Magnolia tree and frog pitcherRoses in decline at my parents houseMom in home sewn dress with heart embroidery in the back + her sewing needle tattoo #studioihanna

Mom has been sewing her own amazing dresses for years now, this is her latest creation, with an embroidered patchwork heart at the back that I though matched her sewing needle tattoo very well. She is my DIY hero.

I also love…

Before the storm This light, just before the rain.

Geranimum and castle walkway Tulip buds / balls

Pink speckled Geraniums. Tulip balls. Tiny clusters of Forget me not flowers (Myosotis). And our visit to our nearby favorite castle for fika. It was almost empty of people except us.

Forget me now flowers outdoors and in

Nature, close to home. Bringing little flower bouquets with me home and using my favorite vases to decorate a spot in our otherwise chaotic and messy household.

This week I wanted to document everything and do a “week in the life” type exploration of what’s going on around here – but it didn’t happen. I couldn’t find my motivation for it. And I’m too tired to clean – but maybe it’ll get done another day. How are you doing?

Take care of yourself.


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  1. Hanna, thank you so much for sharing the pics with us …. I love them and your dads tree is absolutely breath-takingly BEAUTIFUL!! I’m doing good here, just getting reading for ICAD (how about you?!)

    I’m totally loving the weather we’ve had the past two days … it’s been warm and very springlike and was the first time I’ve worn shorts out this year. Before yesterday it’s been too cold and windy out. (We even had snow on my birthday this year … May 8th!) Snow is usually always gone by the middle of April but not this year. I think it’s gone now (hopefully not to be seen again until December but honestly that’s wishful thinking as we usually get it sometimes as early as October but if not then, for sure in November.)

    Have an awesome day!


    Stay safe!!

  2. Thank you for the beautiful nature photos, Hanna! I have been doing a May Everyday album (part of Stacy Julianís 20in20 class) this year. Iíve been taking lots of pics of our container garden, cards Iím making, Skype calls with my family or friends, dinner Iíve cooked, and the inside of our freezer. Itís definitely not full of adventures like a travel journal, but I think it will be an interesting peek into our everyday life during these strange times. I print 2 4×6 photo (including a journaling card) collages each night. I am limited to about six or seven sentences of writing to encapsulate the day (so that helps keep it quick and manageable, too). For this particular project, I was finally able to let go of my perfectionism that paralyzed me for the first three days, and now I look forward to putting the collages together quickly after I get into bed at night and think back on the happy things that happened throughout the day. (I do include the challenges, too, but try to focus on the positives.) Will the end product be perfect? Oh goodness no! In 10 years will I care that it doesnít look perfect or trendy? I donít think so. I think Iíll just be so happy I captured our stories. Fingers crossed.

    Iíd highly encourage (and cheer you on!) a week in the life, a month long project, or even a Covid-19 journal/album when you feel up to it! Itís definitely helped me process some of my emotions during this strange time, and I think it will be really interesting to look back on years from now.

    Your dadís magnolia tree is fantastic!! So many gorgeous blooms! So glad your family is getting/got to enjoy that!

    Truly appreciate your nature post! No matter what crafty or cleaning projects you do or do not tackle this coming week, please take good care of yourself! We definitely need to give ourselves (and others) extra grace right now as we navigate these strange times. I am trying to look for as many positive things that are coming out of these times. There are many – there are good people out there who do care for others- they are just sometimes hard to find amongst all the negative click bait.

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend and an amazing week! A postcard is winging its way across the ocean From my craft table to your mailbox. Happy mail – something else to look forward to!

  3. Hanna,
    Thank you for another beautiful post! I’d love to see a “week in the life” pictures or video if you ever feel up for it!!
    Stay safe, healthy, and keep creating your charming, cheering art!!

  4. I loved to see all the photos, and I LOVE Magnolia… one of my fave songs (from a local artist who lives nearby) mentions Magnolia as ‘home’ and that’s exactly the feel I get when I see it blossom!

    I’m doing ok ‘in lockdown’ – the Netherlands are opening up a bit more (we were allowed to go outside for a walk anyway during the so-called ‘intelligent lockdown’) but I don’t like all those people on the streets and in the towncentre, so I still stay at home as much as possible. I love being in my atelier all day (although I hope to be able to start my job again soon – restoring old/midievel documents at ‘Zeeland Archives’ is a bit the same as playing in my own atelier: paper, glue, knives and old books, I love it!) Hope you have a wonderful Spring Hanna, stay healthy and safe!

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