Year in Review | Looking back at the Creativity of 2014

Impossible to see, the future is.

Love neon right now

Another year, this one called 2014, has passed and is soon over. It’s time to say good bye to this year and hello to another one. Time to plan for the next 12 months or so… But first, always, there must be time to reflect, to look back, to ponder what was and what might have been…

This is the year at a glance in a few favorite snapshots (flickr slideshow) above, and a few words to finish it all of below.

Last year I wrote extensively about how important it is to look back and write a list of Achievements, but right now I can not muster up the willpower (the irony, because willpower is my word of the year) to write such a list. I might do it in January next year, or not at all. We’ll see.

Anyway, it’s been a quiet year where I have done more stuff than I’ve shared on the blog. Some of them are ideas that I want to dive into and explore more in the future, where it felt that it was a bit to early to share them. Others are very private and/or personal, like diary writing etc. But I have made time for my Creativity, that’s the important thing. I think I could’ve done more and pushed my boundaries a bit better, but I did my best. And that’s what the future is for. Improvement and change.

Projects I’m proud of

My 10 years of blogging of course, and the fact that you are here to read this. Thank you!

Trying to find my way back to collage, but kind of not finding that way right now. I’m not sad about that, it’s okay to take a break from your favorite art form. I might explore it more next year, or try to concentrate on painting more…

I feel proud about the awesome calendar pages I offer for sale, and my own DIY Calendar that I shared in the beginning of the year.

Also, the the pink flower project. It was so much fun, and it has made me more aware of all colors and how they are magic to me.

So, what have I made this past year?

I made Notebooks

Art Journaling pages as usual. But also a lot of notebooks. Yes, I have bound together quite a few new journals this year. I love making notebooks, and some have been sold and shipped out into the world. Like the spiral bound brown Smart Journals. For me I bound the Kawaii Art Journal, a diamond stitched journal and the Neon Star Journal. Also the December Journal I will continue in next December.

Best of 2014

There is always more ideas

I kind of feel that all the things I have made I want to do more of, like the Scrappy Pouches, decorating with neon pink and drawing of Tiny Treasures in that special notebook. Maybe a project I should get back to in January.

iHanna's creations from 2014. Mosaic, photo and copyright: Hanna Andersson.
A few of my creations from 2014. Mosaic, photo and copyright: Hanna Andersson.

I shared one of the many Miniature Art Journals but have worked on several others and have more ideas to explore… I have finished a few small embroideries but mostly not shared them here, not even sure where the photos are. But I know that hand stitching and embroidery always be close to my heart, and something I want to put on my to-do-more for next year. Lots of ideas left, that is. So I’ll be back, I promise.

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year.

See you on the flip side my friends.

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  1. And a Happy New Year to you Hanna. Thanks for your blog – your creativity – your sense of colour – your generosity of sharing. I wish you a creatively joyful 2015

  2. Happy New Year, Hanna! Great slide show with lovely photos and luscious arty bits. You always bring such beautiful colors onto my computer screen. As always, I cannot wait to see what new ideas and projects you bring in the new year…you are a fountain of inspiration!

    • Thank you, it makes me happy to know my blog and the photos I share inspires you Andria, because your visits here always makes me happy! Thanks for all you share too, and for the comment energy you spread.

  3. Thank-you! For all that you share with us! You throw so much creative awesomeness out into the world. I love getting your blog updates. You have really inspired me this year and I cannot wait to see what 2015 holds for you (and me!)

  4. It’s all so beautiful! Happy New Year to you! I keep reading that blogging is dead, but there are so many blogs that are alive and well and bringing joy to my life & yours is one of the main ones.

    • Thanks Kelly, I appreciate that. I too hope that blogs will be around 4 ever and keep inspiring us in all they ways they did before and still do today. Here’s to more happy blogging in 2015!

  5. Wow, Hanna. Isn’t it wonderful how much you can do in a year?! And with each bit, you grow just that much more…

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