Sun catcher

Hurray for me! My birthday was yesterday!

I am now one year older but no wiser than before.

I had plans for posting about my birthday preparations (finally I’ve sewn bunting flags!), to find the time to do a long birthday diary writing session and then edit lots of photos to upload, prep blog posts, going on a long walk and checking things of my growing to-do-list… but that just didn’t happen. I am late with just about everything right now and my inbox zero has zero proof of me ever answering any emails at all – again. How does it just flock up like this?

I have several projects to blog about, awesome wreath made from all recycled materials (!) and my embroidered ATC:s among other things, then the blog’s birthday is coming up and Easter too! I am a bad blogger when it comes to holiday projects as you know. I haven’t made any Easter crafts or projects to inspire you! I’m just not that kind of person. I can’t even keep up with the weekly Art Journal check ins that assigned myself this year. I am just going to skip them if you don’t mind. They didn’t inspire me. A regular schedule can be helpful sometimes but a weekly feature for this blog does not work for me. I felt I had to create something in my art journal just to blog about it, and then there is the taking photos, editing, writing and uploading in a timely manner… I can do it but it takes away the spontaneity of posting what ever is on my mind. And planning sometimes kills the joy of doing as you please. I will just go to Julie to get my Friday Art Journal check ins from now on!

So the to-do-list is even bigger this week but the weekend was lovely. I looked a bit like my suncatching cat in the photo above. Spring is here and I just want to sit outside and indulge in the sun all the time. The snow (you see on the photo) has now totally melted and little tiny flowers are everywhere! Happy days.

On my birthday I had an artist date that went on to a local “Open Studios” event with art exhibitions at different galleries where you can look at other artists work places and artwork. I love that kind of thing, becoming inspired by others!

More about everything soon, with photos I hope. Wishing you a great week!