I LOVE Creating ART- love it!

I love creating art, craft, text, books – you name it. Here is a list of other things that is on my love list right now. Because, you know… love is in the air.

I love

iHanna Love! …having friends that care about a single girl and that gives me gifts & cards for Valentines

iHanna Love! …having creative projects to look forward to and that exicites me

iHanna Love! …the camera on my iphone, and playing with creative filters in photo apps

iHanna Love! …my new glasses and how they make me feel pretty

iHanna Love! .. Kind commenting here, on instagram and my Facebook page about what I share and create – it makes me feel happy

iHanna Love! …my awesome family

iHanna Love! …melting snow and the feeling that spring is getting closer every day

iHanna Love! …taking selfies that I never share with anyone

iHanna Love! …mismatching bedlinen and vintage sheets

iHanna Love!…new sign ups for the stitch class I’m teaching soon (just finished editing 4 videos for my class)

…and lots more. What’s on your list?

Wishing you a great Valentines Day my loves!