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Valentines Day Love List

I love creating art, craft, text, books – you name it. Here is a list of other things that is on my love list right now. Because, you know… love is in the air. I love Related PostsArt Journal Peek: A Love-fest Without End Art Journal Peek: Heart Patterns In My Easter Window

I like men + kittens + owls

Collage “While waiting (for love)”… Available on Etsy. My collages are sometimes quite different from each other in look and style, but all of them are iHanna collages. They come from my messy hands and joyfull heart. The above one is rather timely, Valentine coming up and all… Collage “Rows of age” by iHanna. Available […]

Right now I enjoy

I experience the passage of time and the particulars of my surroundings with my physical beingĖwith my body and mind Ė and the act of making things that reflect my thoughts and feelings is a way of bouncing something back. I am here. I am not just absorbing. I am contributing. This is a dialogue. […]

Happy Summer 5 x 5 Lists

I decided to make my own titles and write five summer inspired lists today, as a meme of sorts… If you feel like tagging along, then you’re it! :-) 5 favorite things this summer 1. wonderful live music under the open sky (at the festival Peace and Love etc.) 2. Reading novels from the library […]

The Color of | I like the colour of lips

Mmmm, colours! I can never get enough of them. Right now I like the colour of… …lips! And the colour of… …the Swedish forest. And what about these colours: Related PostsSummer Inspiration images in June + music Monochromatic Pink Art Journal Page Awesome Supplies | Artists’ Watercolour

Pure Yumminess

I write This is soooo yummy! a lot when I comment on other peoples blogs. I think the word yummy is such a perfect one, a yummy word if I may say so. Yummy helps to describe things that are delightful and/or delicious; so good you want to eat it or rather extremely delicious to […]

Right now I’m really digging…

Right now I’m really digging the small piles of new stuff that is laying around here. I want to dive in and use them all, as usual, but summer is keeping me outside enjoying the warmth against my skin. Just thought I’d post some photos to remember that I really want to craft something with […]

Lemonade or as we say blandsaft

Mom has made red lemonade from a mix of red berries. We call it blandsaft, which means mixed fruit lemonade. I’ve designed the labels in Adobe InDesign and printed them on sticker paper that we cut out. Summer is the time to fill up the well for winter, both in the food cellar and the […]