As promised, some Easter Feeling photos today!

Easter egg wrath

Part of my breakfast on Easter Day:
Easter breakfast
Mom thrifted new candle holders last weekend and I got candy and a present (new bag!).
In Sweden we don’t have Easter Bunnies or chickens who come visit us and bring us egg. Instead the children dresses up like Easter Witches and goes from house to house (like in the US for Halloween) and wish everyone a Happy Easter. And off course they get lots of candy! I dressed up my brothers bunny in a half egg, but he wasn’t thrilled at all…

Snow drops
The smallest but still biggest evidence of Spring time is here: snow drops in the garden.

Easter flower
We didn’t decorate much for Easter this year, but my mother put these flowers together on a curly tree branches from the garden. Isn’t it lovely? See the whole tree here.

Raffe the budgie
This is Raffe the budgie. He comes to my hand when I talk to him.

Three little bunnysMom hung the Easter pot-holders, dad boiled the Easter eggs and all I did was walking around the house waiting for my birthday and taking photos of everything, including the böckling (the fish dad was preparing).

What did I do last year? Hmm… placing cards – fun project!

Hope your Easter was as great as mine!?