I was born thirty years ago today, on the night from Good Friday (Påskdagen).

1 vecka gammal
I, Hanna, thirty years ago.
It feels like the whole of April has been my month this year since I’ve had so much attention, been in the paper and had two birthday partys (and got a cat). And you’ll just have to read more about this big event because I will post more pictures and list my birthday gifts here. Later. Today I’m resting.

Smelling new stuff

Hurray for pink clothes,

{ and also: friends and relatives, gift wrapping and strings, birthday presents, pink drinks, balloons, children eating grapes, a cat purring in your lap, waking up smiling, having a fiancÉ, the smell of coffee, pink cakes, roses that smell, sunshine that warms, plates with roses, new shoes and pink butterfly decorations on the table… }

I feel loved, thank you everyone!

I love becoming thirty. If you haven’t tried it, I think you should!

Pink tulips

I want to become thirty next year too!