Skärtorsdag – Pink Thursday

Some photos from this month, that’s all I have time to post today.

This is the view from our kitchen window one evening:
A room with a view

Ralf again (not my cat, but I love how he looks):
Beautiful Ralf

A shabby corner of somebody elses house:
Shabby corner

Smilla in my reading chair (maybe now it is hers…):
In the big arm chair

Smilla is checking out one of the cool birthday gifts I got at my first birthday party:
I love cats
I love this pen, it’s purrfect!

One of many projects that needs to be finished soon:
Project granny scarf

My friend Elin, laughing under her kitchen table (love this photo!):

And this little guy, well dressed and in pink slippers just to match my party theme (pink):
Party Felix

I’ve had no time for Easter decorating at home this year. Didn’t even send cards out, or bought candy eggs… Maybe I’ll try to snap some Easter Feeling Pictures at my parents this weekend, if I have the time. Birthday Party #2 coming up soon!

Happy Easter to you!

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  1. Wonderful photos. I love the view from your kitchen window, and the pitcure of your friend laughing under the table made me smile ! Happy easter and birthday to you!!

  2. Loved the view and the detail of the rotting wood. Vey striking imagry. I too have a favorite picture of a friend lying on the floor laughing her brains out. Thank you for causing me to remember that happy time. *smile*

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