Dragonfly in the window
Dragonfly in the window is a blue collage with papers from a magazine, some scrap booking paper I like and a few bits and pieces from Katie.

Big hank collage

Penguin postcardThe Big hank collage I think is rather fun. I made the background thinking it would give “a swedish feeling”, and then added the head, the body and the magpie + the yarn label! Both these pieces are made on cardboard for wallhanging.

And then a collage card that I did a couple of weeks ago and sent to Theresa for a swap we made. I was going for a snow bear, but couldn’t find a picture of such a guy in time, so I took a picture I had of a penguine instead. Kind of neat huh?

Whip upAt the same time I want to do more collages each day, I find that I want to keep reading all of my favourit blogs… and comment when ever I see something I like or appreciate.

At Whip up, for example, so much is happening, I can hardley find the time to read it all. But Smilla is helping me today. But then again, who can focus by the computor when a cat is asking for attention?

What do you think about todays collages?