Susan, do you remember the wool cap I bought last year when we thrifted in Stockholm? I thought it might be a felted bag, but it turned out it wanted to be something else:

Lill-Klas teddy bearFirt it was this one, a chubby little bear that I call Lill-Klas (little Klas). I really like how he turned out. But then there were some pieces of that machine felted cap, so Lill-Klas wanted a pal. I made another bear, with a little bit taller and thiner body. I named him Stor-Klas (Big Klas):

Buttons - good softies eye
I got the idea to make these bears by a fellow bloger that recently made bears by an old sweater! Thanks for the inspiration!

I used black buttons as there eyes, from a little bag I thrifted once. Great eyes!

If you want to view more pictures of these bears visit flickr or click this link below:



Lill-Klas teddy bear