Save your Candy Wrapper Papers for Collages

Bowl of Candy in fancy wrapping paper
A bowl of candy on the table.

Mom got this candy from a visitor from Thailand recently, and the whole family dug in to enjoy it (except me, I didn’t much like the taste).

Candy paper to save
Though I didn’t eat much I saved a couple of the transparent and colorful candy wrapping papers and flattened them.

And then I did a collage in my present diary, the Moleskine notebook.

First diary collage
This is the first collage in a diary for me!

I usually just write, write and write on the pages of my diary. But now I made this cut and paste page in between all the writing. It was really fun, and the candy paper was great to use here – I’ll have to do more collages in this book before I finish it. Colour collage perhaps, I love those!

Another fun new thing I did recently was keeping my diary by my side when I was surfing on the internet. I had a nice pen and added some good quotes to my Moleskine diary, like this:

Quotes found on various sites

New method (for me) of filling a page, but great. I adore a good quote, and I’ve always collected them but not in my diary like this before… Kind of neat though, to see what kind of quotes I’m drawn to right now in my life when I look back at them later.

I must try this “note taking” more. Why press “print” every time you see something nice? Why not write it down with a pen in a real book and make it last longer than a little post-it-note? Or maybe add the post-it to your journal? Give it a try!

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  1. oh how wonderful : ) i have all these coloured painted papers that i have yet to play with ~ this is such a fantastic idea ~ thank you :)

  2. What a lovely quotes! Especially this about writing! I’ve got one little notebook to write down my favorite quotes, and I write part of them in my diary too. Thank you for sharing these!

  3. Great idea! I used way too many post it notes hehe! I love the quote, “If I don’t write to empty my mind…I go mad.” That is so me! LOL But so true! Thank you for sharing this! xo

  4. Love it! Very juicy looking.And it blends in so well.
    I like fruit labels too if they are a bit larger and alcohol bottles have some cool labels. I should start saving more of them. :)

  5. I always love your choice of colors. They are cool and refreshing. Sounds like an ad, doesn’t it. :-) I agree with you 100% about taking a pen and an actual notebook and writing things down. I find it more rewarding than choosing to print off a computer. It forces me to slow down a bit. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful ideas. You are an inspiration!

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