I will have two birthday partys this year, one at my home and the other one later (at Easter) at my parents home. First Birthday Party was yesterday, and even though I’m not 30 yet, I had so many friends over, giving me presents and hugs. I had the best time! I was amazed, and so happy all night. I will try to take pictures of all my presents later, but first, this:

Pink Cake Day
The theme of the party was pink, as you can see.

My-sister-not-in-law made the cake and the pink chocolate balls. I made the pink muffins – very messy but oh so fun.

Smilla was hiding under the bed the first couple of hours, but everyone who got a chance to meet her fell in love. And after the door bell stopped ringing all the time, she came forward and said hello to everyone, let my friends pet her and made me purr inside.

Thanks for all your nice comments on my last post (on getting Miss Smilla the cat into my life). Here are the two of us on my Pink Cake Day:

Me & my cat

Yes, she is named after the danish book Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow by Peter Heg. Because I love literature, any cat of mine would have a literary name. And yes, I will for sure post more pictures of her in the future! That’s a promise!