Suddenly I’m out of words.

Maybe this picture will reveal some of my feelings of happiness, serenity and peace… A cat has moved in!

My cat Smilla
I’ve never had a cat before. And now she lives here, with us. She jumped into my lap (once) and she comes when I call her. It’s such an amazing feeling just to look at her. I think I will never have enough of her. She is an amazing cat, everything I could’ve ever imagined of a animal friend. At least I think so… We are still getting to know each other, she has only lived here three days today.

My reading material this weekShe is 1,5 years old and has allready lived in two homes. We picked her up at a nice couple who allready had a black cat that is five years old. That cat didn’t like this cat so they thought it best to find her another home. I saw her picture on the net and went to look. And fell in love, because she came to me and said hello – plus she was also wild and crazy when they played with her. Here she has allready ruined two skeins of yarn. I know she shouldn’t be playing with yarn, but she found them during the night, and when we woke up it was just tangled up around the bed. I don’t know where she found it.

I hope this will be her permanent home. I have my dream view, not looking out of the window at the falling snow, but inside, on the window shelf – looking back at me. Smilla!

Today it’s Studio Friday time, theme ROOM WITH A VIEW. Therefor I’m posting a picture of my cat Smilla (love the sound of that) in the window. At the picture she is smelling the mini daffodils there. Outside the snow keeps falling, and I don’t want to go out. Ever. I want to stay here with Smilla and play…